Avengers: Infinity War – Family Featurette

by Alex Beanon April 12, 2018
All the superheroes – they are really just one big superhero family – hugs all around – the “Family Featurette” preceding the release of “Avengers: Infinity War” on April 27, 2018…    

Coconut Butter Is Still The Answer To A Question On Archer Season Nine Teaser

by Alex Beanon April 11, 2018
Coconut butter may or may not be playing a large role in the debut episode of “Archer: Danger Island” on FXX on April 25, 2018…  

Behold! – The Super Daryl Deluxe Launch Trailer

by Alex Beanon April 11, 2018
Relive – or use them as a current reference guide –  all the best and worst parts of high school with the launch trailer of “Super Daryl Deluxe”…    

Extinction Launch Trailer

by Alex Beanon April 10, 2018
Humanity must survive in the launch trailer for “Extinction”…  


Solo: A Second Star Wars Trailer

by Peter Paltridgeon April 9, 2018
Tired of knowing next to nothing about Solo? After you watch this weekend’s new trailer from Lucasfilm, you’ll know….slightly more, but not enough! Why is that? To borrow a phrase, “I’ve got a bad feeling about this.”™ No one really knows how this venture is going to perform, which is an odd thing to say […]

Marvel’s Avengers Infinity War Chant TV Spot

by Alex Beanon April 8, 2018
A little less than three weeks away from its April 27, 2018 release date, here is the “Chant” television spot for Marvel’s “Avengers: Infinity War”…    

Jurassic World Evolution – Gameplay Trailer

by Alex Beanon April 7, 2018
The gameplay trailer for “Jurassic World Evolution” – launching on June 12, 2018 – as usual, watch out for those T. Rex’s…    

Shaq Fu Is Coming For You [In June]

by Alex Beanon April 6, 2018
Once upon a time – actually June 5, 2018 – a poor Chinese rickshaw driver named Shaq Fei-Hung came after the evil celebrities and moronic redneck schmucks in “Shaq Fu: A Legend Reborn”…