FLCL Alternative

Review: “FLCL Alternative Episode One” – The Same Notes but a Fresh Arrangement Still Rocks!

by Karl Olsonon May 4, 2018
I am going to be very honest, I have not written a proper anime review in about half a decade. I’ve been a little busy for a lot reasons that I’ll mostly spare you. However in my 5-year gap of writing for ToonZone, I’ve visited Japan twice, spending a lot of time in smaller cities […]

Teen Titans Go To The Movies: The BIG Trailer

by Peter Paltridgeon May 1, 2018
We’ve had Black Panther and Infinity War, but where’s the REAL superhero movie event of 2018? You know what I’m talking about, and surely you all agree with me….where are the despicable slackers that currently make up the cartoon version of the Teen Titans? I might as well admit it…this trailer for Teen Titans Go […]

Review: “Digimon Adventure Tri: Loss” – Did the Plot Load Yet? It’s Taking Forever

by Neo Yion May 1, 2018
It’s a testimony to the creator’s craft and love for the Digimon franchise as well as their acknowledgement of the fanbase that ensured the Digimon Adventure Tri series have consistently high-quality movies. With equal respect to its characters and an eye for continuity, the story has successfully upgraded our heroes from wide-eyed youths to young […]

Big Hero 6 The Series Gets a Big Premiere Launch Event Weekend Starting on June 9, 2018

by slaion April 26, 2018
‘BIG HERO 6 THE SERIES’ LAUNCHES WITH A PREMIERE WEEKEND EVENT, BEGINNING SATURDAY, JUNE 9, ON DISNEY CHANNEL AND DISNEYNOW Christy Carlson Romano, Gordon Ramsay, Alton Brown, John Michael Higgins and Daniel Henney Among Guest Stars SAN FRANSOKYO – Disney’s animated Big Hero 6 The Series will launch with a premiere weekend event, featuring two back-to-back […]

star wars resistance

Star Wars Resistance Coming To Disney Channel This Fall

by Peter Paltridgeon April 26, 2018
Benn wondering what’s going to replace Star Wars Rebels now that the four-season tale is over? We got our answer today…what’s different about Star Wars Resistance, and what’s similar? As many fans anticipated, Disney and Lucasfilm are following up their series set in the original trilogy with a series set in the time period of […]
Star Wars Resistance

Disney Orders “Star Wars Resistance” Animated Series Prequel to “The Force Awakens”

by Ed Liuon April 26, 2018
STAR WARS RESISTANCE, A HIGH-FLYING ANIME-INSPIRED SERIES THAT EXPLORES AN UNCHARTED TIMEFRAME PRIOR TO THE EVENTS OF THE FORCE AWAKENS, ORDERED BY DISNEY CHANNELS Production has begun on “Star Wars Resistance,” an exciting new animated adventure series about Kazuda Xiono, a young pilot recruited by the Resistance and tasked with a top-secret mission to spy […]

DreamWorks Animation TV Brings Fast & Furious To Netflix

by Alex Beanon April 23, 2018
DreamWorks Animation Television is bringing an animated version of the wildly popular “Fast & Furious” feature film franchise to Netflix as a series – expected to be in 2019 to accompany the next film release in the franchise. The storyline for the “Fast & Furious” animated series has teenager Tony Toretto following in the footsteps of his […]
my hero academia

My Hero Academia Comes To Toonami May 5

by Peter Paltridgeon April 19, 2018
How many of you have been begging Toonami’s Jason DeMarco for My Hero Academia to run on the block? And how long have you been doing it? It’s been one of the most frequent requests since its premiere two years ago. After 24 months of responses like “the rights are tangled up” and “it can’t […]

R. Lee Ermey

R. Lee Ermey, Actor and Marine 1944-2018

by Dan Collinson April 16, 2018
The Hollywood Reporter has reported that actor Ronald Lee Ermey died early on April 15, 2018, due to complications of pneumonia. He was 74. Ermey was best known for playing military officers mainly because of his real life expertise as a Staff Sergeant for the United States Marine Corps. He served two tours of duty […]

Coconut Butter Is Still The Answer To A Question On Archer Season Nine Teaser

by Alex Beanon April 11, 2018
Coconut butter may or may not be playing a large role in the debut episode of “Archer: Danger Island” on FXX on April 25, 2018…