disgaea 1 complete

Disgaea 1 Complete Coming To PS4 And Switch, Dood!

by Peter Paltridgeon April 20, 2018
Is there a lack of exploding penguins in your life? NIS America can help with that. What did we learn today about the impending release of Disgaea 1 Complete for PS4 and Switch? The Disgaea series has been around since 2003 and won millions of fans, earning four sequels and a direct continuation of the […]

The Fantastic Four Return – Teaser Trailer

by Alex Beanon April 20, 2018
The Fantastic Four will be returning to their proper comic book page homes in their upcoming [August 2018] new series from Dan Slott (“Amazing Spider-Man”) and Sara Pichelli (“Spider-Man: Miles Morales”). Here is the teaser trailer for what you can expect to see…      

my hero academia

My Hero Academia Comes To Toonami May 5

by Peter Paltridgeon April 19, 2018
How many of you have been begging Toonami’s Jason DeMarco for My Hero Academia to run on the block? And how long have you been doing it? It’s been one of the most frequent requests since its premiere two years ago. After 24 months of responses like “the rights are tangled up” and “it can’t […]

Deadpool 2 – The Final Trailer

by Alex Beanon April 19, 2018
The final trailer for “Deadpool 2” [release date: May 18, 2018] reminds us that it is time to get back on LinkedIn and, oh yeah, watch out for Peter…  

Brawlout Coming In Summer 2018

by Alex Beanon April 18, 2018
There are advanced combat techniques such as ledge grabs and air dashes and – of course – you can go into rage mode when “Brawlout” arrives in Summer 2018…  
Kingdom Hearts III

Kingdom Hearts III: Classic Kingdom Trailer

by Todd Blackon April 17, 2018
What’s the latest on Kingdom Hearts III? Is there a new trailer for us to see? While we still don’t have a release date or even a release window, Square Enix is still teasing things that you can do in the anticipated Kingdom Hearts III. For example, a new trailer was released showing off the […]

R. Lee Ermey

R. Lee Ermey, Actor and Marine 1944-2018

by Dan Collinson April 16, 2018
The Hollywood Reporter has reported that actor Ronald Lee Ermey died early on April 15, 2018, due to complications of pneumonia. He was 74. Ermey was best known for playing military officers mainly because of his real life expertise as a Staff Sergeant for the United States Marine Corps. He served two tours of duty […]
Billy Mitchell

Billy Mitchell Has Been Stripped Of His Guinness World Records

by Todd Blackon April 13, 2018
What’s going on with Billy Mitchell? Are his records being taken down? Recently, Twin Galaxies, the committee that looks over and authenticates video game world records, recently concluded that famed video gamer Billy Mitchell cheated in setting world records for Donkey Kong, Donkey Kong Jr. and even Pac-Man. As such, his records were wiped from […]

nintendo switch

Is Nintendo Already Working On Their Next Console?

by Todd Blackon April 13, 2018
What’s Nintendo planning once the Switch has run its cycle? Do they already have ideas? While it’s very true that video game developers have to be rooted in the present to ensure their consoles and games do well, it’s also very true that they have to be looking ahead to the future. To that end, […]
Football Manager Touch 2018

Football Manager Touch 2018 Arrives On Nintendo eShop

by Todd Blackon April 13, 2018
Any new surprises for the Nintendo Switch? What’s this I hear about Football Manager Touch 2018? Nintendo Switch owners got a surprise today if they went to the Nintendo eShop, for if they did, they would see that Football Manager Touch 2018 has been put into the shop for purchase. It’s important to note that the game […]