PR: NY Anime Festival Tickets Available at Retailers

by Ed Liuon August 26, 2008
NY ANIME FESTIVAL TICKETS AVAILABLE AT RETAILERS TICKETS ON SALE AT COMIC AND ANIME SHOPS IN NYC Norwalk, CT, August 25, 2008: The New York Anime Festival (NYAF) today announced tickets to its 2008 event are now available at select retailers throughout New York City. Participating comic and anime shops include Manhattan anime landmarks Kinokuniya […]

PR: You’re Not Elected, Charlie Brown Hits the Campaign Trail Oct 7, 2008

by Ed Liuon August 26, 2008
YOU’RE NOT ELECTED, CHARLIE BROWN HITS THE CAMPAIGN TRAIL OCTOBER 7, 2008 FOR THE FIRST TIME ON DVD, IN A NEWLY RE-MASTERED, DELUXE EDITION FROM WARNER HOME VIDEO The All-time Favorite Animated Peanuts Classic is Available on DVD in a Re-mastered Deluxe Edition with All-New Bonus Material and Updated Packaging New-to-DVD Bonus Episode He’s a […]

"Legion of Superheroes" Vol. 3 DVD Preview Video On-Line

by Ed Liuon August 26, 2008
Warner Home Video has released a video clip preview of the Legion of Superheroes Vol. 3 DVD set. The clip is available in a variety of formats and download sizes QUICKTIME ( High Quality | Medium Quality | Low Quality ) WINDOWS MEDIA ( High Quality | Medium Quality | Low Quality ) REAL MEDIA […]

PR: Corus Kids Television is Jam-Packed with New Series & Events this September

by Ed Liuon August 26, 2008
CORUS KIDS TELEVISION IS JAM-PACKED WITH NEW SERIES, EVENTS AND RETURNING FAVOURITES THIS SEPTEMBER (August 25, 2008 – Toronto, Canada) September is just around the corner and Corus Kids is celebrating the start of the school year with a variety of new series like Amy Poehler‘s The Mighty B, Wolverine and the X-Men, Willa’s Wild […]

Ghibli World Interviews Michel Ocelot

by Ed Liuon August 25, 2008
The website has posted a lengthy interview with Michel Ocelot, director of Azur et Asmar and Kirikou and the Sorceress. Among other topics, Ocelot discusses the use of music in his movies and hand-drawn animation vs. CGI, as well as digging into several of his more popular films. (via

Kristen Bell Joins "Astro Boy" Cast

by Ed Liuon August 25, 2008
Variety is reporting that Kristen Bell will join the voice cast of Imagi Animation Studio’s Astro Boy as the lead female character. She will join Nicholas Cage, Donald Sutherland, Nathan Lane, Bill Nighy, and Eugene Levy as cast members, with Freddie Highmore as the title character. The CGI animated film is due for release in […]

Marvel Teams with Madhouse for Anime of Iconic Superheroes (UPDATED Aug 27, 2008)

by Ed Liuon August 25, 2008
The New York Times is reporting that Marvel Entertainment is teaming up with renowned Japanese animation studio Madhouse to develop four anime series that will re-vision several of Marvel’s iconic superheroes for the Japanese market (free registration required). The characters and back stories will be revamped to “reflect Japanese culture,” and “create an entire parallel […]

"Sleeping Beauty" to Screen at El Capitan Theatre from Aug 29 – Sep 18, 2008

by Ed Liuon August 25, 2008
Disney will be screening the newly restored Sleeping Beauty at the historic El Capitan Theatre from August 29 – September 18, 2008. A special gala event will take place on opening night, hosted by veteran Disney producer Don Hahn and a panel of animation cast and crew, including Mary Costa (voice of Princess Aurora), animator […]

"Transformers Animated" Season One is "Teen Titans" for the Giant Robot Set

by Ed Liuon August 25, 2008
Teen Titans changed all the rules. Before Teen Titans debuted in 2003, American superhero cartoons were either played completely straight or completely silly. Teen Titans rejected this dichotomy, keeping one foot firmly in each camp. As a result, the show could encompass villains as diverse as the ludicrous Mad Mod and the sinister Slade, and […]

Financial Times on Possible "Dora the Explorer" Makeover

by Ed Liuon August 24, 2008
The Financial Times discusses possibilities for additional Dora the Explorer projects and merchandise aimed at expanding the bilingual character’s audience to older children. While Nickelodeon did not comment on specific changes, they did acknowledge that they are “eager to find ways to retain Dora’s pre-school fans as they mature,” especially in the face of increased […]