"Save Me! Lollipop": I’ll Save You From Watching This

by Chad Boninon March 19, 2009
Nina, an average seventh-grader in Japan, is more interested in boys and sweets than school. She dreams of meeting her knight in shining armor. While eating at a cake shop, she accidentally ingests the Crystal Pearl, a magical MacGuffin from the world of sorcerers. To pass a sorcerer exam, dozens of witches and sorcerers must […]

Disney Releases Interview with Director of "Bolt" TV Show

by Ed Liuon March 18, 2009
In advance of the release of Bolt on DVD and Blu-ray disc next week, The Walt Disney Company has released an exclusive interview with the unnamed director of the Bolt television show, where he discusses his amazing method-acting dog and addresses the oft-repeated rumors of strain between the production and the network. Bolt will be […]

"Igor" Blu-ray: A Sadly Disappointing Underachiever

by Ed Liuon March 18, 2009
Igor is a movie with a great concept and some great ideas. But it’s also a movie hamstrung by a lack of money and story development. It seems to aspire to the same kind of creepy-cool-funny as The Nightmare Before Christmas, and one can easily imagine a Pixar or a DreamWorks teasing a great movie […]

4KidsTV Offers Original Japanese Yu-Gi-Oh! via YouTube

by Jacob T. Paschalon March 17, 2009
4KidsTV via their YouTube page are offering the first episode of the second Yu-Gi-Oh! animated series in its original Japanese version. This is the second official release of Yu-Gi-Oh! in its original language since a short lived DVD run of uncut episodes.

CBR Talks with Jeph Loeb on "Superman/Batman: Public Enemies" DTV Movie

by Ed Liuon March 17, 2009
Comic Book Resources caught up briefly with writer Jeph Loeb, whose Superman/Batman debut story arc “Public Enemies” was recently announced as the next direct-to-video animated movie project coming from Warner Brothers Animation and DC Comics. Loeb discusses what he knows of the project, including how closely the movie will stick to the comics written by […]

"The Jetsons" Season 2 Vol. 1 Arrives on June 2, 2009

by Ed Liuon March 17, 2009
Warner Home Video has announced the Jetsons Season 2, Volume 1, will be shipping on DVD on June 2, 2009. The set will continue the misadventures of the family from tomorrow, with 21 episodes on 3 discs. Suggested retail price is $34.98. The full press release follows. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: ♫”Meet George Jetson…”♫ The Jetsons: […]

"The Mysterious Cities of Gold" Release Details; Streets on April 7, 2009

by Ed Liuon March 17, 2009
Virgil Films and Entertainment and Fabulous Films have released full details on The Mysterious Cities of Gold DVD set, which will ship on April 7, 2009. All 39 episodes of the series will be included on 6 discs, with a deluxe edition set that will also include a 32-page booklet, a 12-page historical facts booklet, […]

"Variety" on Nickelodeon Rebranding; Animation Insider on the Upfront (UPDATED)

by Ed Liuon March 17, 2009
Variety has taken a look at the long-expected rebranding of the Nickelodeon networks, where Noggin will be renamed Nick Jr. and the N will become TeeNick. The announcement was made officially at last Thursday’s Nickelodeon upfront, which also hosted a preview of Michael Eisner’s new stop-motion animated series Glenn Martin, DDS. UPDATED March 17, 2009: […]

Nick and Mattel Release "Tween Dora" Image to Soothe Negative Reactions

by Ed Liuon March 17, 2009
In the wake of an overwhelmingly negative reaction to a teaser image of a “tween Dora the Explorer,” Nickelodeon and Mattel have released a newer image and more information about the planned changes to the character (left, click to enlarge). The older, silhouetted image has been replaced with a true photo of Dora, which reveals […]

PULSE News Talks with John DiMaggio on Being "Brave & the Bold" Aquaman

by Ed Liuon March 17, 2009’s PULSE News has spoken with voice actor John DiMaggio about his role as Aquaman on Batman: The Brave and the Bold. DiMaggio discusses how he got into animation voice acting after moving from New York to Los Angeles, and also how being Aquaman is a great consolation prize for not landing the role of […]