"Seth MacFarlane’s Cavalcade of Cartoon Comedy" Crap

by Chad Boninon May 18, 2009
Ever wanted to know what sex with Gilbert Gottfried would be like? How about how AIDS got started? (It somehow involves a Canadian flight attendant.) What about who shot the sheriff, but who did not shoot the deputy? Seth MacFarlane has looked into the depths of animated quandaries and decided to feature them in this […]

Lauren Montgomery on "Green Lantern: First Flight"; New Images Released

by Ed Liuon May 16, 2009
Warner Home Video has released a PR interview with Lauren Montgomery, director of the upcoming direct-to-video movie Green Lantern: First Flight. Among other topics, Montgomery discusses what lessons she learned from directing Wonder Woman to the new movie, how much of an origin story viewers can expect from the new movie, the design work of […]

"Batman: Brave & the Bold" Clips & Stills from "Legends of the Dark Mite!"

by Ed Liuon May 16, 2009
Toon Zone News is proud to present the following video clips and stills from “Legends of the Dark Mite!”, the upcoming new episode of Batman: The Brave and the Bold debuting on Friday, March 29, 2009, at 8:30 PM (Eastern/Pacific) on Cartoon Network. Click on any of the screenshots below to view in full high-definition […]

"Pani Poni Dash" Collection: Contains a Dash of Everything, From Winners to Duds

by Classic Speedyon May 14, 2009
Pani Poni Dash is one of those shows that is better in small doses than in marathon form. I watched the whole series in one weekend, and while the rapid-fire background gags and verbal non sequiturs were amusing at first, by the end the novelty of the humor had worn off. A quick synopsis, though: […]

"Fantastic Four" Season One: F for eFFort

by Stuon May 13, 2009
Having been a fan of the various Marvel animated shows since I can remember, I have many, many fond childhood memories of watching them on Saturday mornings. There are some moments that I still remember vividly, nearly twenty years on. I doubt I will ever forget the awe I felt seeing Spider-Man in the middle […]

Media Blasters Announces New August Titles Including "Genshiken 2"

by Classic Speedyon May 12, 2009
Genshiken 2‘s first volume, previously slated for a June release, now has a release date of 8/25/09. As before, it will run 100 minutes and is priced at $29.99. Ah My Buddha‘s fourth volume (which is the start of Amaenaideyo! Katsu) will be released on 8/18/09 for $29.99, and also runs 100 minutes. Moribito: Guardian […]

Briefly: SpongeBob Tells Time; Eminem Co-Hosts with Stewie; Comcast Adds FUNimation

by Maxie Zeuson May 12, 2009
* Nooka will help mark the 10th anniversary of SpongeBob SquarePants with a line of limited-edition, high-end wristwatches inspired by the character. [Viacom] * An animated version of Eminem will co-host Animation Domination Sunday with Family Guy‘s Stewie Griffin. [AWN] * FUNimation Anime is now available on Comcast cable for digital cable customers. [PR Newswire]

DBZ Triple Feature: Hello, Broly!

by Christopher Glennonon May 12, 2009
Goku and his allies have faced a slew of enemies throughout the course of Dragonball Z. Coming from different worlds and possessing different abilities, these villains all have had one thing in common: When they first show up, they’re unstoppable. This happens so often that many of their origin stories and plots hit the same […]

LA Times on the Making of "Up"

by Ed Liuon May 11, 2009
The Los Angeles Times has posted a feature article about the making of Disney/Pixar’s Up (free registration required), discussing how an image of a grouchy old man holding a set of balloons evolved all the way to the feature film which will debut on May 29, 2009. The article discusses the first screening of the […]

"Forbes" on Growth of Animated Feature Films

by Ed Liuon May 11, 2009
Forbes magazine has posted a brief look at the growth of animation at the multiplexes, quoting industry veteran Terrence Masson that “there are 45 or 50 fully 3D feature-length, computer-animated films in production today, ready for release over the next couple of years.” Although the article begins by saying that “kids have it so good” […]