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Cable TV Ratings: "SpongeBob" and "Family Guy" Score With Viewers, "Futurama" Down

by Bryanon July 7, 2010
SpongeBob SquarePants and Family Guy both made an appearance in the cable ratings for the week of June 28 – July 4. SpongeBob took six of the top 25 spots, with the highest coming in at #14 with 3.881 million viewers for a Thursday morning (10:30AM) airing. Family Guy made a rare appearance in the […]

Starz To Sell Film Roman And Starz Animation

by darkdetectiveon July 7, 2010
Variety reports John Malone’s Starz wants out of the movie financing business. Starz is trying to sell it’s Starz Media division that houses Overture, Anchor Bay Entertainment, Film Roman and Starz Animation. There’s a possibility that the companies would be sold off individually if they can’t get much traction with the sale as a group. […]

Briefly: New "Tangled" Art; New Exec at Teletoon; New Market for "Dora"

by Maxie Zeuson July 6, 2010
* has posted new concept artwork from Disney’s upcoming Tangled animated feature. * Teletoon Canada has named Matthew Waddell, formerly of Astral Television Networks, as its new creative director. [c21 Media] * Nigeria’s STV channel has picked up Dora the Explorer and SpongeBob SquarePants for broadcast beginning July 16. [c21 Media]

"Twilight" Can’t Eclipse "Toy Story 3", "Airbender"

by Maxie Zeuson July 5, 2010
Toy Story 3 grossed $30.2 million during its third weekend in release, which was good enough for the Pixar-Disney hit to claim third place during a highly competitive holiday weekend. To date, the threequel has grossed $289.0 million. The Last Airbender, M. Night Shyamalan’s live-action adaptation of the hit animated series, came in second with […]

TV Ratings: "Futurama" Returns on a High Note, "SpongeBob" Still Tops With Kids

by Bryanon July 2, 2010
Animated shows ran light for the week of June 21 – 27 in the TV ratings. SpongeBob SquarePants was the only show in the cable top 25 for total viewers, with only one showing coming in at #25. The episode aired Wednesday at 5:30PM and scored 3.714 million viewers. Outside the cable top 25 for […]

"The Clash of Triton": Release the Kraken Already!

by Maxie Zeuson July 2, 2010
Okay, this isn’t funny anymore. I’m not just talking about “The Clash of Triton,” which even by the standards of recent SpongeBob episodes is a remarkably mirth-free zone. I’m talking about the way they keep dragging this corpse of a once-brilliant series around like it’s the title character in Weekend at Bernie’s. Once upon a […]

Jason Isaacs on How to Play a Villain in "Batman: Under the Red Hood"

by Maxie Zeuson July 1, 2010
Jason Isaacs may be best known to American audiences as Lucius Malfoy in the Harry Potter films, but he has an extensive filmography playing many character types. But he takes another turn as a villain in Batman: Under the Red Hood as long-time Batman foe Ra’s al Ghul. There’s a twist to the character this […]

"Airbender" Flies to New Int’l Markets

by Maxie Zeuson June 30, 2010
Avatar: The Last Airbender will land in new markets under deals negotiated by MTV Networks International, World Screen reports. The series will join Georgia’s Teleimedi and Albania’s Top Channel, and Australia’s Network Ten has picked up episodes 101 to 121 and 201 to 206. Malaysia’s TV3 has also renewed the hit series.

Nickelodeon Dominates Animated Daytime Emmys

by Maxie Zeuson June 30, 2010
Nickelodeon dominated the animation categories at the 37th Annul Daytime Emmys last weekend, taking the honors in eight categories and winning eleven prizes overall. Nickelodeon also scored its wins with a wide range of programming rather than with a dominant series. SpongeBob SquarePants and The Penguins of Madagascar each took only one trophy, but the […]

“Best. Episode. Ever!” Toonzone Talks “Avatar: The Last Airbender”

by Ed Liuon June 30, 2010
To mark the release of M. Night Shyamalan’s The Last Airbender live-action movie, the staff of Toonzone News came together to name their picks for a “Best. Episode. Ever!” dedicated to the original Avatar: The Last Airbender animated series. The rest of this article assumes you’re already seen the show, and contains spoilers. Loads of […]