Rimba Racer – Season Two, Episode Five Review: “Into The Storm”

by Joshua Baileyon June 23, 2018
In the season one finale, Riq’s survival wasn’t the twist that stunned me. His survival was fairly predictable, as it’s a common trope for stories like these. Meika’s betrayal of the team, however, was not something that I saw coming. It was the thing that left me floored and I still remember how I felt […]

The Exorcist: Legion VR – Chapter Four – Samaritan Teaser Trailer

by Alex Beanon June 20, 2018
The teaser trailer for the fourth chapter [entitled “Samaritan”] of  “The Exorcist: Legion VR” has arrived. Let us pray…    

Clash Royale Summer Update

by Alex Beanon June 19, 2018
There are some changes coming to “Clash Royale” for the summer…    

God Of War – Father And Son Trailer

by Alex Beanon June 18, 2018
In light of the recent Father’s Day, Kratos gets a little bonding time in with the boy….    

E3 2018 – Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown Trailer

by Alex Beanon June 17, 2018
The E3 [Electronic Entertainment Expo] 2018 trailer for “Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown” – with the always memorable advice – you’re expendable…    

Aquaman Swimming Toward 2018 San Diego Comic-Con

by Alex Beanon June 16, 2018
Aquaman will be surfacing at the 2018 San Diego Comic-Con and bringing with him a brand new trailer that will depict the undersea kingdom of Atlantis with swimming fish people riding sea horses [naturally] and Aquaman (Jason Momoa) facing a power play challenge from his brother (played by Patrick Wilson) for the Atlantis kingdom’s throne.   “Aquaman” is currently […]

E3 2018 – Dying Light 2 Gameplay World Premiere

by Alex Beanon June 15, 2018
The gameplay world premiere of “Dying Light 2” from E3 [Electronic Entertainment Expo] 2018…      

E3 2018 – Desert Child Trailer Coming At You Like A Spatula

by Alex Beanon June 14, 2018
It will not be often that you can make a spatula reference regarding a video game, but when you can, you need to embrace it fully, as they do in the trailer for “Desert Child” at the E3 [Electronic Entertainment Expo]…    

E3 2018 – Fallout 76 Trailer

by Alex Beanon June 13, 2018
West Virginia gets a shout-out in the E3 [Electronic Entertainment Expo] 2018 trailer for “Fallout 76” – due to be released on November 14, 2018…    

E3 2018 – Resident Evil 2 Trailer

by Alex Beanon June 12, 2018
The announcement trailer for “Resident Evil 2” was premiered at E3 [Electronic Entertainment Expo] 2018 and it is currently scheduled to be released on January 25, 2019…