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Call Of Duty WWII: Meet Your Friends And Allies


You’ve met the hero of Call of Duty: WWII, Red Daniels, but what’s a Call of Duty campaign without teammates? Who will you be fighting with this time around? Activision introduced them today in short individual clips, which they shared with us.

Private Robert Zussman is Red’s best friend in the squad. According to official copy, “You can always count on him when things get grim.”

Sergeant Pierson, on the other hand, isn’t interested in playing buddies. “He’s strict and does everything by the book. Stay on Sergeant Pierson’s good side, or you’ll be sorry.”

Lieutenant Joseph Turner, is Red’s commanding officer. “His years of military experience and compassionate leadership will help keep his men alive.”

You also have the aid of soldiers from foreign countries fighting for the Allies, like Rousseau here. “A highly skilled French Resistance fighter, Rousseau will do whatever it takes to fight off the Axis powers in France and avenge the ones she’s lost.”

Finally there’s Crowley, your friend from Britain. “After years of fighting in the British Expeditionary Force, Major Arthur Crowley serves as a part of the Special Operations Executive, where he executes covert missions behind enemy lines.”

You’ll get to know all these people for longer than thirty seconds when Call of Duty: WWI launches on November 3.