Invasion America

Cover Invasion America
Christie Golden

David Carter thinks he's just an ordinary boy, but nothing could be further from the truth.Revealed to be of royal heritage as the son of an alien prince and a human woman, David isnow destined to lead the defense of Earth against hostile conquerors from the distant planet of Tyrus. But this will prove to be no easy task, as the Tyrusians are already here -- and have managed to infiltrate the highest echelons of power!

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Cover Invasion America: On the Run
by Christie Golden

This second novel in the Invasion America series takes place before the birth of young hero David Carter, telling the story of his parents--his alien father and human mother. Cael, a Tyrusian Prince, flees to Earth from his homeworld to evade the military dictatorship which has overthrown him. He is befriended by Rita, a human woman who helps him assimilate to her world's culture. But even as the couple acknowledge the love between them, the evil Tyrusians have created a deadly virus to annihilate Earth's inhabitants. Cael and Rita struggle to stop this dire threat in order to protect their unborn child...the future heir to the Tyrusian throne!

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