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To Belong, An LGBTQ Animation Kickstarter

by on November 21, 2016

Kickstarter is a crowdfunding site that allows creators from all media, and all walks of life, to try and get their dream projects funded. An interesting animation project has popped up on the site, called To Belong.

Ran by Roosa Karlsson, one of the main draws of this series is that all the main characters are part of the LGBTQ spectrum, something that is almost unheard of in this current time. The cast is also very diverse racially and in regards to their body types, truly making this a unique project.

The goal is to fund the first episode of the series. They’re asking for $140,000 roughly, and have 22 days to go at the time of this posting. You can read more about the story below, and check out the Kickstarter here:

“The siblings Isaia, Frey and Terren have lived on the streets for years, struggling to get by. Even if all humans in their world have the ability to transform into different kinds of animals, work is still hard to find. Not only are “streetlings” mistrusted by people from the higher classes, but all three have their personal obstacles. Frey is only 15, Terren has screwed up his back from overworking, and Isaia is incapable of staying in her animal form.

Our story starts a cold autumn day when the siblings are once again forced to leave their current hideout. Due to a personal vendetta, TerrenĀ“s boss has made sure that none of the Von Barth siblings can work in the village and they escape into the forest, trying to find shelter and a way to earn money. But nobody will hire them, the nights are getting colder, and their food is running out.

But just when things are starting to look completely hopeless, they encounter and save a young lord called Jeremiah. The wealthy man is lost and looking for his way back home, which is in a far away country. Realizing that this could be their chance for a better life, the siblings offer their services as hired bodyguards in exchange for a great reward. And this is how their journey begins.”

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