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Overwatch Getting New Map Via Petra

by Todd Blackon May 19, 2018
Is Overwatch getting a new map? What’s it like? A massive leak occurred earlier about Overwatch and what would be coming to it. In that leak was a set of new costumes for various characters, but also a new map. Later on during a halftime in Overwatch League, Blizzard fully unveiled the new Deathmatch map. […]
Pokemon GO

Ho-Oh Returns To Pokemon GO Raid Battles

by Todd Blackon May 19, 2018
Can I get a chance at Ho-Oh again in Pokemon GO? How long will I have to do so? Pokemon GO has been offering players the chance to get legendary Pokemon via Raid Battles, where players ban together to take on a “boss” Pokemon of sorts. With three regions worth of Pokemon, developer Niantic has […]

super mario odyssey

Super Mario Odyssey Composer Talks The Different Music Of The Game

by Todd Blackon May 19, 2018
What was the inspiration behind some of the songs of Super Mario Odyssey? What was their goals? For titles like Super Mario Odyssey, it’s not enough to just make a good song, you have to make music that fills the entire game. And Odyssey most certainly had that. From new versions of classic songs, to […]
Hyrule Warriors: Definitive Edition

Hyrule Warriors: Definitive Edition Available Now

by Todd Blackon May 19, 2018
Is Hyrule Warriors: Definitive Edition finally out? What’s different between it and the Wii U version? The Switch ports of Wii U games continue, and Hyrule Warriors: Definitive Edition is the second game this month to have that label. Ironically the original version was actually a big hit on the Wii U, selling over a million units, […]

Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze

Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze Doing Well In Japan

by Todd Blackon May 11, 2018
How’s Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze doing sales wise? How’s Japan receiving it? The Switch has done very well games wise since its release. But one of the reasons this is so, is because Nintendo has been porting titles from the Wii U to the Switch to give these games new life. And for the most […]
Midna Twilight Princess

True Form Midna Statue From Legend Of Zelda: Twilight Princess Available For Pre-Order

by Todd Blackon May 11, 2018
Where can I get a great Midna figure from Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess? One that shows off her true form? For gamers, it’s not enough to just play the video games, you want to own special items that symbolize your love for them. One of the big ways to do this is through statues […]

Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate

Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate Announced For Nintendo Switch

by Todd Blackon May 11, 2018
What is Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate? What will it bring to the Nintendo Switch? Capcom has been awful coy about bringing new titles to the Nintendo Switch, as proved by the 25-year-old HD port of Street Fighter II that they brought last year. Well, now, it’s Monster Hunter that’s getting the port treatment via Monster Hunter Generations […]
blazblue: cross tag battle

Blazblue: Cross Tag Battle Gets Open Beta On Switch

by Todd Blackon May 11, 2018
Can I try out Blazblue: Cross Tag Battle before it comes out? Maybe try it with my friends? Blazblue: Cross Tag Battle is coming out on June 5th to PS4, PC, and Nintendo Switch. And for those who have the PC and PS4 versions pre-ordered, you can play an open beta of the game. However, yesterday, […]

last of us part II

Last Of Us Part 2 Star Shows Off Motion Capture Shot

by Todd Blackon May 4, 2018
Is there any progress on The Last Of Us Part 2? How the game moving along? The Last of Us was one of the transcendent games that the world has ever seen. So, The Last Of Us Part 2 has a lot to live up to, and Naughty Dog is taking their time to turn […]
Death Battle

New Death Battle Puts Sora From Kingdom Hearts Vs. Pit From Kid Icarus

by Todd Blackon May 4, 2018
What’s the latest Death Battle? Was it a good matchup? Death Battle made a promise this season that 95% of all the matchups they made would be ones that fans have been requesting for a long time. And in their most recent outing, they delivered one of the most-requested matchups of all time. Sora from […]