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Hidden Treasures: Animal Treasure Island

by Radical Ravenon October 10, 2009
It’s astonishing how many animated films are ignored by the general public – not just stateside, but everywhere around the world. While this situation has improved somewhat in recent years, there’s still a remarkable amount of material that slips under the radar. This series of blog posts is dedicated to unearthing and evaluating these lesser-known […]

"Gungrave: The Complete Series": A Decent Battlefield

by Radical Ravenon October 7, 2009
Gungrave is an ambitious show that tries to treat realistically a pointedly unrealistic plot about gangsters and monsters. Its first episode introduces us to three fugitives: Dr. Tokioka; a young girl named Mika; and the shadowy Brandon Heat (referred to by Dr. Tokioka as “Beyond the Grave”) whom we first see hooked up to a […]

"Total Drama Island Season 1": Stupid, Ugly Fun

by Radical Ravenon September 28, 2009
I did not want to like Total Drama Island. It’s a very ugly show. It’s drawn with a cheap style of Flash that almost all self-respecting animation fans would turn up their noses at; the character designs are angular, and at first glance completely unappealing. The animation is limited to Filmation-esque levels, with several moments […]

"Fullmetal Alchemist Premium OVA Collection": Thirty-Five Minutes of Nothing

by Radical Ravenon September 3, 2009
The Fullmetal Alchemist Premium OVA Collection consists of four short videos based on the extremely popular anime series. It costs ten dollars and is an unimpressive thirty-five minutes long. Except for their connection to the television show, these videos have nothing in common with each other, so each video should really be judged on its […]

"Little Nemo": Not a Dream Come True

by Radical Ravenon August 28, 2009
Little Nemo: Adventures in Slumberland is an interesting failure. It is based on the comic strip created by the “father of animation” Winsor McCay, and this alone will likely make it worth the price for the average animation buff. The movie also has some clean animation and nice character designs, and a lot of big […]

"The Secret Saturdays" Volume 1: No Secret That It’s Good

by Radical Ravenon August 27, 2009
The Secret Saturdays is an interesting show conceptually. It involves a family of cryptologists, (scientists who study animals that are not believed to exist; Bigfoot, Yetis, the Loch Ness Monster, etc.) the titular Saturdays, adventuring around the globe in order to, well, study monsters, essentially. There is an over-reaching plot-line, but the general flow is […]

"Delgo": Wasted Potential

by Radical Ravenon August 18, 2009
Delgo presents itself as an animated fantasy-adventure movie with comedic undertones, but that’s not what it really is. It’s really a tragedy. It consists of beautiful set designs, imaginatively created creatures, and an epic, imaginative fantasy concept, all of which contrast with abysmal voice acting, ugly characters, and a predictable and poorly told story. It’s […]

"Samurai Champloo": Can’t Stop the Beat

by Radical Ravenon August 12, 2009
Samurai Champloo is the esteemed “spiritual successor” to Cowboy Bebop, Shinichiro Watanabe’s first show. It is in every way worthy of this title. It’s rare to find a show so perfectly crafted: magnificently choreographed fight scenes, detailed to an almost ridiculous extreme; character designs that are neither hard to recognize nor overly flashy; superbly realized […]

"Moeyo Ken TV: Complete Collection" Hasn’t Got me Laughing Nearly Enough

by Radical Ravenon July 20, 2009
Moeyo Ken TV is a frantically paced TV show with some terrific premises, but it quickly falls apart where the actual writing is concerned. It starts well enough, in an alternate version of Japan where monsters exist. Recently passed legislation allows monsters to become citizens and live alongside humans; these laws are enforced by the […]

"Aquarion": Of Robots and Angels

by Radical Ravenon July 8, 2009
Aquarion‘s first two episodes rank as one of the most confusing, overstuffed, convoluted half-hour of television I’ve ever experienced. We’re introduced to characters and concepts at a breakneck speed; the show has a large cast and a complicated backstory, and we’re expected to get it all very fast. The third and fourth episodes aren’t much […]