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Anime Boston 2011: Day 3 Impressions

by purplehairedwonderon April 24, 2011
Day 3 at Anime Boston was definitely the slowest day of the weekend, but the roundup panels were definitely worth the trip for the day, full of industry insider tidbits, playful banter between colleagues, and, at times, surprisingly heartfelt points of discussion. Voice Actor Roundup: Richard Epcar, Tom Wayland, Sean Schemmel, Brina Palencia, Chris Ayres, […]

Anime Boston 2011: Day 2 Impressions

by purplehairedwonderon April 24, 2011
Day 2 at Anime Boston was the most heavily programmed of the weekend and was also the day for industry panels, though even those were scant. State of the Industry: The only industry guests that ended up showing up to this panel were Justin Rojas and Adam Sheehan from FUNimation, so this was basically “State […]

Anime Boston 2011: Day 1 Impressions

by purplehairedwonderon April 23, 2011
Friday at Anime Boston ended up being much more interesting than I had initially anticipated. After the sardine-like experience that was NYCC in October, Anime Boston was a breath of fresh air in the room and smaller number of con-goers. We spent the majority of our day at panels with voice actors and it was […]

NYCC2010 NYAF2010: Day 3 Impressions

by purplehairedwonderon October 11, 2010
The third and final day of New York Comic Con had a relatively light schedule in terms of events to attend. However, with the North American premiere of the film Gundam 00: A wakening of the Trailblazer, it was not truly a light day in any other respect. Press Conference with Mardock Scramble author Tow […]

NYCC2010 NYAF2010: Day 2 Impressions

by purplehairedwonderon October 10, 2010
Day 2 at New York Comic Con was much more eventful and lively than Day 1. As the weekend had officially kicked off, the crowds were large and dense, especially in the artist alleys and showrooms. Lines for highly-anticipated panels such as Durarara!! and Young Justice wound far into the distance of the Javits Center […]

NYCC2010 NYAF2010: Day 1 Impressions

by purplehairedwonderon October 9, 2010
Friday was, unfortunately, fairly uneventful. From walking the floors of the show room to attending FUNimation’s sneak peek, very little actually happened. As a first-time con-goer, I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect, though what I got definitely wasn’t whatever that might have been. FUNimation Sneak Peek: The FUNimation sneak peak started late as there was […]