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Transformers Prime – “Toxicity” Episode 41 Recap

by Neo Yion May 28, 2012
Bulkhead searches for the next Relic while battling Insecticons. Last episode ended with a pivotal scene where Bulkhead’s fate was left ambiguous; the general presumption would be that “Toxicity” would provide the answer. It fittingly utilizes a standard, but considerable “How did he get there” scenario. Bulkhead locates the next Relic, but discovers it to […]

Transformers Prime – “Triage” Episode 40 Recap

by Neo Yion May 21, 2012
  Ratchet is forced to team up with Wheeljack as they race against Soundwave for the next Relic. I’ve sung my praises on Soundwave before; if there is one character Transformers Prime consistently nails, it’s him. Subtlety has never been Prime’s strong suit, but he’s always portrayed as inconspicuous and graceful. This even shows in […]

Transformers Prime – “Triangulation” Episode 39 Recap

by Neo Yion May 14, 2012
Optimus is caught between Dreadwing and Starscream as he races for the second Relic. Well, “Triangulation” was kind of boring, which tends to happen when we have to sit and watch two of the most sedated characters onscreen. It’s not a detriment to their personalities, but Optimus and Dreadwing aren’t particularly exciting characters and can’t […]

Transformers Prime – “Tunnel Vision” Episode 38 Recap

by Neo Yion May 7, 2012
Arcee and Bumblebee travel to Manhattan to locate the next Cybertronian relic. Have I mentioned how much I adore Knockout? When it comes to character development, he’s always been an exception to the rule. I don’t really care if he grows. The thing about Knockout is that he’s a very shallow person with very shallow […]

Transformers Prime – “Flying Mind” Episode 37 Recap

by Neo Yion April 30, 2012
When both the Autobots and Decepticons are incapacitated, it’s up to the kids to retrieve valuable information aboard the Decepticon warship, Nemesis. “Flying Mind” doesn’t particularly stick out. Its only function is to set up future plot lines (as if the “To Be Continued” didn’t clue you in). The rest of the episode involves a […]

Transformers Prime – “Armada” Episode 36 Recap

by Neo Yion April 23, 2012
Stuck in the Decepticon warship, Bulkhead must content with an Insecticon invasion while trying to find an exit. Meanwhile, Starscream clones himself to get his vengeance on Megatron. “Armada” has all the makings of an adrenaline-pumped adventure, bringing a bunch of subplots to the fore. Airachid leads her swarm of Insecticons to the Decepticon warship […]

Transformers Prime – “Grill” Episode 35 Recap

by Neo Yion April 16, 2012
Fowler is under tribunal by the military and must defend himself and the Autobots. “Grill” is a clip show and a pointless one at that. The entire half-hour consists of Fowler introducing the main characters and recapping the series’ events for a military General. That’s all there is to it. Nothing relevant happens, though the […]

Transformers Prime – “Nemesis Prime” Episode 34 Recap

by Neo Yion April 9, 2012
The Autobots are on high alert when they discover an evil doppelganger of Optimus Prime. “Nemesis Prime” could stand to be better. It opens up excellently at first; Fowler is driving by when he’s suddenly ambushed by a familiar semi-truck sporting an equally familiar Autobot logo. His near death under Optimus’ hands causes paranoia and […]

Transformers Prime – “Crossfire” Episode 33 Recap

by Neo Yion April 2, 2012
A suspicious Megatron orders Airachid’s demise as she leaves the Decepticons and goes rogue. Meanwhile, Starscream struggles to survive without the ability to transform. Starscream got his groove back. Now that’s what I’m talking about! He started off as a legitimately competent foe. Though he suffered numerous failures, Starscream carried an unlimited abundance of pride […]

Transformers Prime – “Loose Cannons” Episode 32 Recap

by Neo Yion March 26, 2012
Wheeljack returns to Earth to pursue Dreadwing, who vows to hunt the Autobots responsible for the death of his brother Skyquake. Our lovable—and temporary—Sixth Ranger is back and revved up as ever. Wheeljack left a considerable mark on the show; he’s rough, he’s rambunctious, he leaps into danger with his swords slicing first and asking […]