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Toons of the 2000s: The End of Broadcast Kids TV – Part 1

by Matthew Williamson November 13, 2009
You are reading Part 1 of The End of Broadcast Kids TV. Part 1 | 2 | 3 | Go back to the Toons of the 2000s Intro. If I turn on my local CW station at 7am, I’ll see their local news. If I turn on the local MyNetwork station at 3pm, I’ll see Maury telling some poor soul he’s the father. […]

Cartoon Intro Cavalcade: The Incredible Hulk (1982)

by Matthew Williamson September 11, 2009
There really hasn’t been a “definitive” non-comics version of the Hulk in the way that Spider-Man, Batman, and X-Men have. The 1982 version of the Hulk comes closest. It’s very much the antithesis of the 1970s live-action series. That series focused on David Banner’s life on the run with a mute, depowered Hulk (ooh, he […]

Cool Stuff: Mario Tells You To Just Say No

by Matthew Williamson September 7, 2009
I have a tape collection larger than that of many television stations. I don’t believe in editing commercials out, and often I revisit these tapes just to rewatch the ads and promos. This results in such gems as this, which came from my collection: That’s Captain Lou, who played and voiced Mario in the Super […]

Disney and Marvel: A Primer

by Matthew Williamson September 1, 2009
Well, that certainly came out of nowhere. In a blockbuster deal announced on Monday, The Walt Disney Company announced plans to purchase Marvel Entertainment in a deal worth $4 billion in cash and stock. That means Howard the Duck and Donald Duck are now brothers, and Disney now gets to finally create that Champions movie […]

Cartoon Intro Cavalcade: The Huntsman

by Matthew Williamson August 11, 2009
Main title sequences are possibly the most important part of creating a cartoon.  It is the one element that viewers will most notice, as it is the one thing that will consistently air day in and day out.   We’re gonna post the best ones we can find, be it stuff you’ve seen before and stuff […]

Nickelodeon Logo Change Now Official

by Matthew Williamson July 30, 2009
Variety has confirmed the Nickelodeon logo change, which has been circulating around the internet message boards for several weeks now.  For those who don’t speak Variety, the article confirms that all Nickelodeon channels will receive the new logo (including Nicktoons and Nick at Nite).  The new logo will also be used on the rebranded Nick […]

The New Nickelodeon Logo: Fixing The Unbroken

by Matthew Williamson July 18, 2009
Nickelodeon has apparently decided to change their logo. Out is the orange splat and Bazooka font. In is a new, retro style of lettering that evokes the original “pinball” logo, keeping the signature orange color. In an instant, 25 years of history is out the window. This is really a terrible idea; perhaps not as […]

Jim Samples Resigns as Head of Cartoon Network

by Matthew Williamson February 9, 2007 is reporting that Cartoon Network head Jim Samples has resigned after the Aqua Teen Hunger Force bomb scare in Boston, a scare that effectively shut down the city and resulted in a $2 million payment to the city and state. Samples released this statement in an internal memo to staffers at CN: I am […]

SDCC: "Guardians of Luna" Receives Manga Adaptation

by Matthew Williamson July 21, 2006
At the San Diego Comic-Con, Toon Zone News has exclusively learned that the upcoming Guardians of Luna animated series (previewed here) will receive the manga treatment in 2007 through DrMaster Publishing and DGN. The graphic novel is in the early planning stages and thus no creative team has been announced as of yet. It is […]

SDCC: Pokemon 2006 News

by Matthew Williamson July 20, 2006
The identity of the new Pokemon voice team has been revealed at Pokemon USA’s 10th anniversary panel at San Diego Comic-Con, which also included information on the upcoming new episodes and specials that will be hitting US television this fall. The new voices include Billy Rogers, who will be voicing Brock (KO Beast), and Sara […]