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Spider-Man: Edge of Time Review

by Matthew Williamson November 2, 2011
SPIDER-MAN: EDGE OF TIME Publisher: Activision Developer: Beenox Multiplatform (PS3 Version reviewed) Activision has published Spider-Man games for over a decade now, with varying degrees of success.  However, it seemed to find a working formula when it gave the license to Beenox, which delivered the solidly received Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions.  12 months later, the same […]

Cartoon Intro Cavalcade: Super Mario Bros. Super Show

by Matthew Williamson January 31, 2011
In 1989, the Nintendo Entertainment System was at the height of its dominance.  Millions of kids around the world were becoming familiar with characters such as Mario and Luigi.  Merchandising was inevitably all over the place, and a cartoon of course was quick to arrive.  But DiC didn’t just produce a Mario cartoon, oh no.  […]

NYCC2010: The MAD Panel

by Matthew Williamson October 9, 2010
Few know it, but MAD Magazine is one of the staples of the DC/Warner catalogue of properties. Lest we forget, this is the magazine that embodied humor in the 60s, 70s, and 80s, and is treated with absolute reverence from many comic writers – notably The Simpsons, which lovingly satirized the magazine during the show’s […]

Cartoon Intro Cavalcade: Hong Kong Phooey

by Matthew Williamson May 4, 2010
There are a select few cartoon theme songs that have entered the public zeitgeist: tunes that are easily recalled even by people who have not seen the original cartoon.  Many of them originate from cartoons or characters that everyone knows: the Flintstones, the Jetsons, Spider-Man, Speed Racer.  But one rather curious Hanna-Barbera effort from the […]

An Important Announcement

by Matthew Williamson April 1, 2010
Dear readers, We value your comments more than anything else. And, well, we’ve heard your concerns about our just-unveiled new direction. Some of them were constructive. Others were in all caps and misspelled. Regardless, we’ve taken them all into account. Therefore, we’re going to go back to our old direction, effective immediately. We thank you […]

The Downfall of Cartoon Network: Just Blame Canada

by Matthew Williamson March 30, 2010
We’ve all seen it coming. Cartoon Network has been heading in this direction for the past few years now, and despite our protests, they have chosen not only to continue in this direction but to speed up the very process. How many casualties have there been in their push to change their very nature? So […]

Welcome To The NEW toonzone blog!

by Matthew Williamson March 26, 2010
Beginning today, we’re proud to unveil a brand new direction for the toonzone blog! From now on, expect more stories than ever before, delivered with the pace and verve you can only find on an Internet blog! We’re committed to bring you the most important animation stories first, and more accurately than anyplace else! Today, […]

Cartoon Intro Cavalcade: Iron Man Season 2

by Matthew Williamson March 20, 2010
“I always believe that Opening Titles of a show are very important. They should provide intriguing visuals that not only sum up the series, but also merit repeat viewing. To accomplish this, the artistic concepts must of necessity be dynamite. Otherwise, the audience may simply decide to change channels before the episode begins again. There […]

Cartoon Universe: Something Old, Something New, Something Ruby, Something Supes

by Matthew Williamson February 19, 2010
Ruby-Spears Superman, despite its short run, is an important show in the history of DC animation.  It’s not a good show, mind you.  All of the shortcomings of 1980s television animation are painfully present here.  The character models are too complicated and the overseas animation studio clearly has trouble animating them.  The casting veers too […]

Cartoon Universe: The Big Game

by Matthew Williamson February 11, 2010
Ahh, yes, the Big Game.  No other sporting event is subject to this much hype and scrutiny.  There’s the overblown pregame show that lasts longer than the actual game.  There’s a sure-to-be-spectacular, breathlessly hyped halftime show.  The advertisements are even an event.  The game itself… well, the game itself is usually a boring, lopsided blowout.  […]