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NYAF2009: More Photos and Video from Toon Zone News

by lostruneon October 2, 2009
We have some extra NYAF 2009 Sunday videos and photos: New York Anime Festival 2009 Sep 27th Sunday afternoon Main Floor at the Jacob Javits Center, NYC also including the World Cyber Games (WCG) USA: New York Anime Festival 2009 Sep 27th Sunday afternoon Artist Alley and Back Hall at the Jacob Javits Center, NYC: […]

James Avery Interview

by lostruneon March 28, 2005
Neil a.k.a. “Shredder” of the rec.arts.animation newsgroup has posted his phone interview with James Avery of Fresh Prince of Bel-Air fame, who is also famous for numerous voice acting roles including the classic Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles‘s Shredder. Please note that Toon Zone News is posting the interview as it was posted to rec.arts.animation. While […]

Manga’s Future Has Feminine Feel

by lostruneon March 11, 2005
The English-language Yomiuri Shimbun notes that the Kawasaki City Museum in Japan will be exhibiting the works of famous all-female manga studio CLAMP. Entitled “Manga Aato wa Toki o Kaeru” (translated “Manga Art That Defies Space and Time”), the exhibition is scheduled to coincide with the 15th anniversary of CLAMP’s professional debut in 1990 with […]

J-Rock "Shonen Knife" Tours Canada

by lostruneon March 11, 2005
Continuing with our previous Toon Zone story about them, J-Rock “Shonen Knife” is currently touring Canada. The band, that had previously toured with popular American music artists, has also caught the eye of The Boston Globe. “Shonen Knife” also created a song for a Powerpuff Girls music video on Cartoon Network. Shonen Knife Canadian Tour […]

Playboy Does Anime

by lostruneon January 17, 2005
The latest issue of Playboy magazine has a short article on anime about it growing up with its audience. This February 2005 issue has, on the cover, Teri Polo of Meet the Fockers film fame. (via rec.arts.anime.misc)

FPS Choose-Your-Charity Next Auction

by lostruneon January 5, 2005
Following the successful charity auction 2004 for Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF) Canada, online animation magazine FPS plans for the viewers to choose the charity for its next online charity auction 2005. Among the choices are for cancer, diabetes, education/literacy, HIV/AIDS, and humanitarian/disaster relief types of charities.

2005 Has Lots in Store for "Pokemon"

by lostruneon January 5, 2005
IGN reports that Pokemon industry bigwigs Tsunekazu Ishihara and Junichi Mazuda revealed their big 2005 plans, from the next Pokemon movie to opening the Pokemon Park at Nagoya City to videogames on the GameCube, Game Boy Advance (Pearl and Diamond) and especially DS, which “will become a new type of game that offers a number […]