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Tom Jane Talks "Punisher" Sequel

by La Parkaon July 12, 2005
Superhero Hype! reports that Tom Jane has said the sequel to The Punisher will be filming before the end of this year and that he has begun working out for the role.

"Fantastic Four" Gets a Sequel

by La Parkaon July 12, 2005
According to Superhero Hype!, Avi Arad has confirmed that Fantastic Four‘s 56 million dollar weekend guarantees a sequel.

Lions Gate Picks Up Steve Niles Graphic Novels

by La Parkaon July 9, 2005
Superohero Hype! reports that Lions Gate Films has picked up the feature rights to various graphic novels by Steve Niles. The films will serve as starring vehicles for actor Tom Jane. The first movies to be produced under the deal will include adaptations of Niles’ The Lurkers, In the Blood and The Dark Country. Jane […]

"Mort The Dead Teenager" footage shot

by La Parkaon June 29, 2005
Animation HQ reports that Avi Arad revealed in an MTV interview that eight minutes of test footage with Jessica Simpson included has already been shot for Mort the Dead Teenager. Apparently the director is a first-time director that nailed his idea and understanding of what Mort should be.

"Celebrity Deathmatch" Returns to MTV 2

by La Parkaon June 21, 2005
MTV 2 has announced that eight new episodes of Celebrity Deathmatch will air in November as part of the network’s “Sic ‘Em Friday,” Animation HQ reports. However, the series’ original creator, Eric Fogel, will not be involved. There has been no mention as to which celebrities will be skewered in the new episodes.

New "Simpsons" Box Art

by La Parkaon June 21, 2005
TV Shows On DVD has posted a picture of the brand new box cover for the sixth season of The Simpsons. The DVDs will come inside Homer’s head. There are plans to release seasons 7-10 in the heads of different family members, but the order has yet to be determined.

"Family Guy" Direct-to-DVD Movie Announced

by La Parkaon June 21, 2005
TV Shows On DVD reports that on September 27, Fox is releasing Family Guy Presents Stewie Griffin: The Untold Story in which Stewie sets out to find his biological father after a near-death experience derails his plans for world domination. The unrated movie will be 83-minutes and will include deleted scenes, still galleries, animatics, and […]

"X3" Teaser Poster Revealed

by La Parkaon June 15, 2005
Superhero Hype! has posted the first look at the new teaser poster for X3, opening in theaters on May 26, 2006.

New Line Pursuing Grant Morrison’s "WE3"

by La Parkaon June 11, 2005
Animation HQ reports that New Line Cinema is attempting to acquire the film rights to Grant Morrison’s recent DC/Vertigo Comics series WE3. New Line has also expressed interest in Grant Morrison writing script to the film. The film will be live-action, but the pets will be entirely computer generated. WE3 follows three household pets (a […]

Kevin Spacey Going Bald

by La Parkaon May 9, 2005
Kevin Spacey confirmed on Christian O’Connell’s Bounty Hunter that he will be shaving his head to play Lex Luthor in Bryan Singer’s Superman Returns.