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Johnny Bravo Back to Its Roots, Then to "Hollywood"

by Killtacularon February 16, 2004
Show: Johnny BravoEpisode: #55: “Johnny Bravo Goes To Hollywood”Airdate: FRIDAY, February 20th, at 8 PM (encore at 11:30 PM) ET. Seth MacFarlane states that no show is as lucky as Family Guy is at this current time. But that’s not true… Back in 1997, after only 13 episodes, the original Johnny Bravo crew left Cartoon […]

"Robbin Ed" Tops All Previous Eds

by Killtacularon February 6, 2004
Show: Ed Edd n EddyEpisode: #48: “Robbin’ Ed”/”A Case of Ed”Airdate: TONIGHT, February 6th, at 7 PM (encore at 9:30 PM) ET. After last week’s only-satisfactory episode of the Ed boys bring us a gem of an episode, if not one of the best Eds episodes to date. If you’re still sitting on the fence […]

"Ed Edd n Eddy" Continues to Impress…

by Killtacularon January 30, 2004
Show: Ed Edd n EddyEpisode: #47: “Thick As An Ed”/”Sorry, Wrong Ed”Airdate: TONIGHT, January 30th, at 7 PM (encore at 9:30 PM) ET. Most criticism of Ed Edd n Eddy is entirely unfounded, and almost makes me wonder if people really watch the show or pretend they do and blast it, the latter of which […]

"Billy & Mandy’s Halloween": Where’s the Scream-o-vision?

by Killtacularon September 29, 2003
I don’t claim to be a huge Grim fan, mostly because the show hardly strives to reach any specific goal. It’s content to be a generic sitcom with a slight twist, rather than being something truly dark and unique. I’ve been hoping that the show would try to redeem itself in a tour-de-force holiday special. […]

TZ Reviews: "Teen Titans" Best WBA Show Since "Freakazoid"

by Killtacularon July 14, 2003
First things first: Teen Titans is probably not for people who visit Toon Zone or Comicon or have dozens of Justice League figures adorning their desk. That being said, Teen Titans is the most enjoyable Warner Bros. Animation production since Freakazoid (which makes Duck Dodgers even more worth looking forward to)! “Teen Titans” Like Nothing […]