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"Frisky Dingo": Surprisingly Funny And Worthwhile

by Karl Olsonon October 13, 2006
As some of you might know, I hate Sealab 2021. Well, starting in season 3 at least, and more specifically, starting with episode SB0033, “Tornado Shanks.” This is in fact a matter of public record, as I did a commentary for that episode, and it was included with the Season 3 DVD. Thus, one might […]

"Desert Punk Vol. 5": No Money, More Problems, But Still Compelling

by Karl Olsonon October 7, 2006
Last time on Desert Punk our idiot savant of a hero, Kanta Mizuno (A.K.A. the Formerly Legendary Desert Punk), he was knee deep in human waste with a side of intrigue and mystery. However, before things get ultra-serious we get a couple episodes where we see the invincible and hardcore Kanta (along with the unstoppably […]

"Desert Punk Vol. 4": He Just Might Be OK, After A Shower

by Karl Olsonon October 7, 2006
If weren’t for no luck, the legendary Desert Punk, A.K.A. Kanta Mizuno, wouldn’t have any luck at all. I’m almost shocked he ever had a rep to ruin the first place, though when he isn’t completely getting out-witted by the well-endowed (both mentally and physically if you know what I mean), he does manage to […]

“Desert Punk Vol. 3”: 99 Problems And The Girl Is One

by Karl Olsonon October 7, 2006
Last time on Desert Punk, Kanta Mizuno (aka Desert Punk) had just managed to defeat his most supernatural nemesis yet – the evil (and sexy) spirit which haunted the legendary and notorious Inumeiwa (Dog Woman) Rock through the power of his mighty libido (no, really). Things lead off on a bitterer note as who should […]

"IGPX Toonami Version Boxset 1": Groundbreaking Beyond Even the Faithful’s Grasp

by Karl Olsonon September 19, 2006
Toonami holds a unique place in my heart. It’s a block of programming that not only changed my life drastically (as the several thousand dollars worth of anime and related media/merchandise can attest to), but it changed the face of youth media in the US and helped to make anime a truly global industry by […]

"Robot Chicken": Because You Were Born Between 1980 and 1990

by Karl Olsonon September 15, 2006
I have to give Robot Chicken some credit for their mid-season opener. They manage to capitalize on a lot of sketches that aren’t completely bolted into pop-culture references, and they are even at the point where they can begin to satirize themselves a little without it feeling too self-serving. We open with Robot Chicken ready […]

"Squidbillies": Hitting Its Drunken, Hilarious Stride

by Karl Olsonon September 15, 2006
“Why don’tcha take that weak [explicitive deleted] to the park, where maybe the squirrels will care!” – Granny Cuyler. Squidbillies has dealt with a lot of issues in a hilarious fashion. Racism? Check. Parentage? Check. Alcohol Abuse? Check. Drug Abuse? Check. Ol’ Fashioned Physical Abuse? Sure, but never did I think they’d figure out how […]

SDCC: Tokyopop Announces Three Titles And A Secret Project

by Karl Olsonon August 1, 2006
Tokyopop brought a big crew to their panel including Kim Jae-Hwan, manwha author on King of Hell and the Warcraft manwha trilogy. They announced a new title that he’s making directly with Tokyopop that is as-yet untitled, but is nearly complete as far as artwork is concerned. They announced three new acquisitions as well: Rure […]

SDCC: DMP Announces "Megami DX," "Moon And Sandals"

by Karl Olsonon July 25, 2006
DMP (Digital Manga Publishing) presented their panel to a surprisingly intense crowd (likely because they were all clamouring for news of more Yaoi titles,) and DMP didn’t dissappoint, announcing two new titles: Megami DX – A bishoujo artmook (mook = magazine-book) series featuring characters from various anime, manga and games, all illustrated by an array […]

SDCC: The Cartoon Network Panel: A Progress Report

by Karl Olsonon July 22, 2006
Fielding Danny Antonucci (creator of Ed, Edd ‘n Eddy), Julie and Tim Cahill (creators of My Gym Partner Is A Monkey), Joe Murray (creator of Camp Lazlo), Mark O’Hare (producer on Camp Lazlo), Everett Peck (creator of Squirrel Boy), Mr. Warburton (creator of Kids Next Door) and Bob Higgins (senior vice president of programming and […]