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"Karin: The Complete Series": Unvampire Show Sires Smiles

by Karl Olsonon June 4, 2009
A short summary of Karin sounds like something Shake from Aqua Teen Hunger Force might tell Meatwad: “She’s a unvampire! Her bite injects blood in you, and you feel better because of it.” However, from that seemingly silly premise comes a surprisingly endearing romantic comedy. Karin Maaka would seem to be your usual Japanese school […]

"Air": Series Boxset and Movie Are Both Under-Oxygenated

by Karl Olsonon April 29, 2009
Yukito Kunisaki is a man on a mission. He is wandering the Japanese countryside, trying to fulfill the last wishes of his deceased mother while doing puppet shows on the street to earn food money. His goal? He must find a winged girl in the sky, a goal his mother didn’t manage to complete. He […]

SakuraCon 2009 Round-Up: The Light At The End Of The Tunnel

by Karl Olsonon April 22, 2009
So, with the anime industry having weathered a miserable 2008, I was worried there wasn’t necessarily going to be a whole lot of news out of SakuraCon this year. I mean, there were only 3 industry news panels (only 2 of which were from distributors,) FUNimation was the only company with a promotional booth, and […]

"Superjail": Visually Insane But Comedically Average

by Karl Olsonon September 27, 2008
Adult Swim originals, even to this day, are often exceedingly low-budget affairs with stiff-as-a-board, Flash/After-Effects animation. Sure, there are a few highlights like the visually rich Boondocks and co-productions like Family Guy and American Dad, but the 11-minute shows don’t typically get smooth animation. That’s not at all been a bad thing, as the writing […]

SDCC2008: Bandai Entertainment Announces Lucky Star Manga, Talks About Honneamise

by Karl Olsonon July 25, 2008
Bandai Entertainment representatives Robert Napton and Ken Iyadomi turned out to show off Bandai Entertainment’s big series for 2008. They ran for trailers for Code Geass, Gurren Lagann, Gundam 00, The Gundam SEED Destiny TV Movies Lucky Star. Ghost Slayers Ayashi, The Girl Who Leapt Through Time, Rocket Girls (well, almost ran it’s trailer – […]

SakuraCon 2008 Tokyopop Panel – Big On Bishonen

by Karl Olsonon April 3, 2008
Tokyopop came out with a pretty big group of folks: editors Lillian Diaz-Przybyl and Michelle Hyunh, and marketing rep Kasha Picars. On the announcements side, they mentioned a new Princess Ai series slated to start at the end of this year by the manga-ka who did the original series, albeit with much more refined art. […]

SakuraCon 2008 Broccoli USA Panel – Using Fansubbers for Good and Not Evil

by Karl Olsonon April 3, 2008
Jonathan Kung came to represent Broccoli USA at SakuraCon this year, even though they didn’t have any new title announcements. However, there was news that I can’t report because it was about another company, and it was bad news. However, I will note that he said that Broccoli USA is looking at digital distribution very […]

SakuraCon 2008 FUNimation Panel – Claymore and More

by Karl Olsonon April 3, 2008
FUNimation representative Adam Sheehan lead off this year’s panel with a sentiment anyone familiar with the works of Douglas Adams could appreciate: DON’T PANIC! Yes, in this past year of industry upheaval, FUNimation seems to be taking the official view that it’s mainly an issue of adapting to changes in the market, and that they […]

SakuraCon 2008 Bandai Ent. Panel – Nothing New But Good News

by Karl Olsonon April 3, 2008
Bandai Entertainment fielded company representative Robert Napton at SakuraCon this year, and while there were no new announcements (other than reconfirming the previously announced Rocket Girls,) there was good news as the trailer reel rolled. First off, they ran the trailer for otaku favorite Lucky Star. Napton noted that while it will not be getting […]

Horton Has A Heart Attack: Eating Whoville’s Cuisine At IHOP

by Karl Olsonon March 15, 2008
Cartoons often have all sorts tie-ins these days, especially when it comes to theatrical stuff targeted at kids. Most of the time, the food tie-ins are limited: sugary cereals, limited-time-only candies, maybe the stray macaroni-and-cheese variant or fruit snack (both in a vague bid to seem quasi-concerned about people’s health, I suppose.) But IHOP’s new […]