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"Gravitation Vol.2 and Vol.3:" Behind the (Fictional) Music

by Karl Olsonon September 10, 2004
Shuichi Shindo is a young pop star on the rise. In the first volume of Gravitation, we saw him and his band, Bad Luck, start to experience true success, and we also saw him find true love with Eiri Yuki, a romance novelist known to the public as a ladies man. (Yes, you read that […]

"Brandy And Mr. Whiskers": Odd-Couple Cute or Just Plain Annoying?

by Karl Olsonon September 9, 2004
Mismatched reviewers Harley and Karl Olson look at Disney Channel’s mismatched-character comedy Brandy and Mr. Whiskers. Brandy and Mr. Whiskers: Light, Fast-Paced Fun by Harley Brandy and Mr. Whiskers is not a deep cartoon. You won’t likely find the meaning of life in it. (If you do, please share.) But it’s a light-hearted toon that’s […]

ADV’s "Kino’s Journey" AniMini: Great Show, Weak Format

by Karl Olsonon August 4, 2004
Have you ever wanted to try out an anime before buying it, but not wanted to jump into the legal grey area that is fansubs? Well, ADV’s AniMini product is supposed to be the solution to your dilemma, giving anime fans a quick, cut-rate look at an anime series without having to shell out the […]

"Gravitation Vol.1" Shonen-ai for the Straight Guy

by Karl Olsonon July 5, 2004
Ah, shonen-ai, a sub-genre of anime known best for flimsy plots geared around getting two or more pretty boys romantically involved with each other, to the extent of on-screen kissing and (if possible) off-screen relations. For the most part, this genre only appeals to the fangirl demographic that keeps Inu-Yasha on the air. However, there […]

Grrl Power: Cute Candy Shell on the Outside, Great Anime on the Inside

by Karl Olsonon June 10, 2004
The world is chock-full of hyper-saccharine, obscenely cute anime. However, Grrl Power distances itself from the pack with genuine humor and a small of dash of pathos. Created, directed, and storyboarded by Akitoroh Daichi (who directed the cute yet bittersweet Fruits Basket, Kodocha, Jubei-chan, and Animation Runner Kuromi, and also wrote the manga that Grrl […]

New "Birdman" Pans When He Can’t Get A Tan

by Karl Olsonon May 3, 2004
A new Sunday brings a new Harvey Birdman and a new batch of quick reviews. In “SPF,” Harvey is hired by Dingaling, who tries to set up a website for his fans and is upset to find that a porn site is already squatting on the domain name. (Hmmm. Toon Zone knows what that’s like. […]

"Astro Boy" Glows with Smart Action and Fun

by Karl Olsonon December 31, 2003
To be honest, I was worried that the new AstroBoy wasn’t going to hold true to the spirit of the original, especially when I learned it was going to run on Kids WB, a network known for making radical changes to the anime series it airs. But, after watching the first two episodes, it would […]

"Someday’s Dreamers Volume 1": Commonplace, Yet Incredible

by Karl Olsonon November 27, 2003
The world of Someday’s Dreamers has been compared to such other works as NieA_7, Haibane Renmei, Kiki’s Delivery Service and even Harry Potter, and those are all probably right. The pacing and blend of light humor with mild melancholy is somewhat reminiscent of NieA and Haibane, as is the concept of taking the extraordinary and […]