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"Robotech: Shadow Chronicles" 2-Disc: Worthy Successor

by Jon Ton May 16, 2008
Well, it took Harmony Gold almost twenty years to do it, but in 2006 they finally produced their first complete sequel to the original Robotech series. In this day and age, the word ‘sequel’ is quite out of the ordinary when it comes to 1980s animated franchises. Transformers, Masters of the Universe, and the Teenage […]

"Galaxy Rangers: Collection 1": Excellence from the Eighties

by Jon Ton May 13, 2008
My experience with Galaxy Rangers is quite limited. Since there were so many 65-episode, action-adventure series all launched within a few years of each other back in the eighties, only the very most popular ones made an impact in the UK. Galaxy Rangers was one of the few that made it over here, but its […]

"Masters of the Universe 2002": The Power Returns, In Style

by Jon Ton April 29, 2008
After cycling through the entirety of the Filmation and Jetlag series, BCI has recently begun releasing the latest He-Man series in the form of 2002’s He-Man and the Masters of the Universe. Launched in a blaze of glory, He-Man and the Masters of the Universe sought to update the legend of the most powerful man […]

"Super Robot Wars OG: Divine Wars Vols. 4 & 5": These Are The Voyages of the Hagwane

by Jon Ton April 17, 2008
Volumes 4 and 5 bring Super Robot Wars to its halfway point, and it’s interesting to see how things have progressed. The war with the Divine Crusaders, which quickly displaced the initial threat from the mysterious Aerogators in the early episodes, is still the series’ primary plot. So far, the alien threat has only served […]

"Blue Gender" Complete: Attachments, Both Emotional and Severed

by Jon Ton April 10, 2008
I recall first seeing some of Blue Gender back in 2002-03, when the UK Sci Fi channel broadcast the series at the height of their experimentation with anime series. I liked what I saw, but the awkward timeslot meant I missed quite a few episodes. I always intended to watch the series in full if […]

"Super Robot Wars OG: Divine Wars Volumes 1-3" Yield an Improved Character Focus

by Jon Ton March 23, 2008
Following on from the Super Robot Wars OVA, Bandai Visual has begun releasing the prequel TV series, Super Robot Wars Original Generation: Divine Wars. Unlike the OVA, which effectively blitzed the viewer with characters upon characters from the get go, Divine Wars takes a vastly more measured approach to introducing the characters and their world. […]

"Kiddy Grade": Much More Than Fanservice

by Jon Ton March 7, 2008
I recall first hearing about Kiddy Grade when it was originally broadcast in Japan back in 2002. Like an increasing number of science-fiction anime, it seemed to feature quite a lot of young women in fanservice-friendly costumes. Based on this first impression, I dismissed the series and never sought it out. I’m now grown-up enough […]

"Negima!" Complete: Not Bad, But Must Try Harder

by Jon Ton February 29, 2008
With a core cast consisting of one pre-teen boy teacher and an all-girl class of thirty-one students, Negima, I could tell going in, would be a very odd experience. Fortunately, the series does not degenerate to such a level that the male-to-female ratio becomes overly tiresome. But then, neither does it make full use of […]

"Super Robot Wars": Hot-Blooded Mecha Goodness

by Jon Ton January 4, 2008
I’ve never actually played any of the Super Robot Wars games, and I’m not familiar with the original Banpresto-created characters, so I have to admit that I wondered just how compromised my viewing experience of the Super Robot Wars: Original Generation OVA would be. Thankfully, I ultimately came out of it successfully entertained. But, as […]

"Transformers: Animated": More Than Meets The Expectations

by Jon Ton December 22, 2007
Ever since Transformers: Armada‘s debut five years ago, fans have clamored for the one thing neither Armada nor its two sequels ultimately had: U.S. writers. The last three Transformers series (collectively known as The Unicron Trilogy) were produced entirely in Japan, so they featured some great design work and good characterization, but too many episodes […]