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Jonathan Clements and Helen McCarthy on Revising "The Anime Encyclopedia"

by Ed Liuon November 24, 2006
Helen McCarthy has been a fan of anime for over 20 years, starting with the first British anime fanzine in the 1980’s and the first continuing UK anime newsletter in 1990. Since then, she has been a pivotal figure on the British anime scene, running the first anime conventions in the United Kingdom, producing several […]

Cartoon Network and Adult Swim Holiday Programming Announcements

by Ed Liuon November 23, 2006
Cartoon Network and Adult Swim have announced their holiday programming plans. Cartoon Network will be premiering Bah, Humduck, a new Looney Tunes holiday special; a Ben 10 Christmas episode; and a Christmas episode of Pokémon Chronicles. In addition, Cartoon Network will be airing older holiday programming starring the Powerpuff Girls, Ed, Edd, n Eddy, and […]

Warner Brothers Puts Cartoon Content On-line at "Saturday Morning Forever"

by Ed Liuon November 23, 2006
Warner Brothers has announced “Saturday Morning Forever,” a new aspect of the website that will contain a mix of classic cartoons and new animated content. The site also has details on how to enter the “Saturday Morning Forever Ultimate Prize Pack” sweepstakes for a chance to win more than $4000 worth of prizes. Read […]

ADV Acquires Rights to "Sgt. Frog"

by Ed Liuon November 23, 2006
ADV has announced that it has acquired exclusive broadcast, home-video, and major merchandising rights to Sgt. Frog, described as “the biggest franchise to come from Japan since Hello Kitty ™!” Read the details in the full press release.

BCI Gives Details on "Prince Valiant" Vol. 2 Collection

by Ed Liuon November 23, 2006
BCI has issued details on The Legend of Prince Valiant Vol. 2, a 5-disc set that will contain the last 32 episodes of the animated adventures of Hal Foster’s Arthurian hero. The set will also contain several interviews, episode commentaries, and behind-the-scenes artwork. The set’s suggested retail price of $39.98. Details are available in the […]

Central Park Media Re-Priced Re-Releases for January

by Ed Liuon November 23, 2006
Central Park Media will be re-releasing 4 titles with reduced prices in January. Titles include the Black Jack DVD Collection, Ichi the Killer: Episode Zero, Time Bokan, and the Hammerboy Collector’s Series edition. The full press release has full details on disc contents and suggested retail prices.

YTV and Corus Annnounce Canadian Holiday and New Year’s Programming

by Ed Liuon November 23, 2006
A press release from Corus Kids TV lists their major holiday programming offerings this year on a variety of Canadian television stations, from holiday classics starring Charlie Brown and Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer to all-new premieres featuring Rolie Polie Ollie and Miss Spider. Read the full press release here. Another press release from Canada’s YTV […]

Oswald the Lucky Rabbit 2007 Marketing Blitz Preview

by Ed Liuon November 22, 2006
Amid Amidi of Cartoon Brew notes that Disney is planning a major marketing push for Oswald the Lucky Rabbit in 2007. Oswald was acquired from Universal in February; a DVD release of his classic cartoons is slated for 2007 as well. Amidi’s report includes several pictures and video of the upcoming Oswald merchandising.

Aaron McGruder Discusses "Boondocks" Newspaper Strip Sabbatical

by Ed Liuon November 22, 2006
The St. Petersburg Times has reported on a talk given by Aaron McGruder at the University of South Florida on his decision to step away from the Boondocks newspaper comic strip, and how that decision was affected by the Adult Swim animated show based on it. McGruder stated that he created the Boondocks show for […]

NY Times on Resurrecting Cartoon Medicine

by Ed Liuon November 22, 2006
The New York Times has covered the Cartoon Medicine Show held at the National Academy of Sciences in Washington, DC, on October 25-26 (registration required), which screened several classic educational animated shorts originally made for the military and for public health organizations. The show aired several “Private Snafu” shorts, which featured animation by Ted Geisel […]