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"Transformers" Season 2 Vol. 1 Is a Soft Upgrade

by Dukeon September 24, 2009
A little thing happened during the 80’s, we got a ton of awesome action cartoons to entertain us kiddies through the tough times. Unfortunately, looking back with adult glasses, our childhood favorites don’t seem as great as they did when we were 5. The latest example is Transformers, with the first half of season 2 […]

"Devil May Cry": I’m Not Crying, But I Ain’t Smiling Either

by Dukeon September 15, 2009
Little did one know that a failed dev kit for Resident Evil 4 would turn into the megahit franchise for Capcom known as Devil May Cry. The smartass main character, the over-the-top action, and the extreme difficulty gave this franchise life, and it has since become one of the top moneymakers for Capcom, ranking up […]

"Bakugan" I Use 2 Mana to Special Summon The Instruction Manual!

by Dukeon August 24, 2009
When Pokémon and Yu-Gi-Oh! became big international hits, you knew all the derivative knock-offs were coming. Some used monsters and cards as direct competition to the mega-franchises, while others took classic toys for their own unique little spin. Most of time, this has resulted in a pretty forgettable kids fad series, the latest of which […]

"Dragonball Evolution": The Legacy of Gohan

by Dukeon August 6, 2009
When people first heard that Fox was actually going to make a live-action Dragonball film (and not just sit on the license rights forever), it scared them. The martial arts stuff one could recreate easily, but it would cost a lot of money to make all the weird creatures, ki beams, and flying look good. […]

"Transformers Cybertron" Best Transformers in a Decade

by Dukeon August 8, 2008
Way back in the mid-to-late 90’s, Hasbro decided to make Beast Wars: Transformers to try and save the dying franchise. Well, it worked, largely because the series ended up kicking ass and taking names, especially in its second season. However, since then we’ve had a crapshoot of Transformers series that failed to overtake the highly-rated […]

"Aquarion" Vampires, Fairie Dust, and Cosplay, Oh My!

by Dukeon August 4, 2008
After a brief lull, it seems the mecha genre is trying for a resurgence here in America. The Gundam blitz is as prolific as ever, Code Geass is beginning to ramp up support, and Gurren Lagann is just around the corner. Unfortunately, all of those have television deals, while the cheesy but awesome Aquarion gets […]

"Gundam SEED Destiny" Final Plus is a Minus

by Dukeon July 1, 2008
After the complete bullcrap that was the original last episode of Gundam SEED Destiny, the writers had some explaining to do. Well, while they’re busy making the Special Edition movies, Bandai decided to tide us over with Gundam SEED Destiny Final Plus. Previously, with Logos completely wiped out, Gilbert Durandal, leader of ZAFT and the […]

"Slayers" Try Again Before the Revolution

by Dukeon June 21, 2008
Well, after a few seasons of fun and hilarity, it’s time to say farewell to Lina Inverse and the gang. Well, for a little while anyway. A revolution is coming soon, but for now all the Slayers can do is try. Previously, Lina Inverse, sorceress extraordinaire, had been forced to use her ultimate spell, the […]

"Aquarion" Unleash Your Super Comeback Falafel Sandwich Attack!

by Dukeon June 18, 2008
I don’t know if it’s because of the genre’s lack of hits or just some really poor shows lately, but the mecha genre over here has been rather sparse with offerings lately. The only notable mecha releases of recent memory have mostly been Gundam titles (though many of the latest volumes aren’t all that good), […]

"Naruto": Ballad of the Emo

by Dukeon June 10, 2008
After spanning multiple volumes, it’s finally time for the Chunin Exam to come to an end. Unfortunately, it didn’t end happily, as it gave way to an attack on the Village Hidden in the Leaves and a great sacrifice. Rectifying that sacrifice becomes the priority of Naruto Volume 7. Previously, the Sand and Sound Villages […]