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"Batman Beyond" Goes Blu

by darkdetectiveon January 26, 2011 has reported that Warner Home Video will be releasing Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker on Blu-ray. Cover art, shown on, reveal it to be the PG-13 ‘uncut’ version, though the ratio will be 1.33:1 (4:3), as it was originally animated in, as opposed to the 1.78:1 ratio that was used on the […]

"Heavy Metal" Coming to Blu-ray on February 1, 2011

by darkdetectiveon January 20, 2011
Sony Pictures’ cult animated film Heavy Metal will soon be coming to Blu-ray. Although the film was initially announced to be released on Blu-ray on January 25, it was later canceled. Now it seems it will be released as a Best Buy exclusive and is now available for Heavy Metal will be released on […]

"Ben 10: Ultimate Alien: Volume 1": A Flawed DVD For A Flawed Series

by darkdetectiveon January 11, 2011
When it comes to special features, no one (non)delivers like Warner Home Video. The DVD includes a 2-minute advertisement for an upcoming Ben 10: Ultimate Alien videogame and a feature called the “Ultimate Alien Database,” which is pretty much a Pokédex. Yeah, not impressed. I really would’ve been interested in some commentaries on some of […]

‘The Lion King’ And Other Disney Titles Coming To 3D Blu-ray

by darkdetectiveon January 2, 2011
According to an ad in Home Media Magazine, it would appear The Lion King will be getting a 4-disc 3D Blu-ray release as well as the previously announced Diamond Edition release this Fall. It would also appear Beauty and the Beast will be getting the same treatment, with a 4-disc 3D Blu-ray coming out sometime […]

‘Tangled’ 3D Blu-Ray Tops Amazon Sales Charts

by darkdetectiveon December 24, 2010
The 4-disc 3D Blu-Ray edition of Disney’s Tangled topped Amazon’s sales charts last weekend, rising to the #2 position, bested only by Inception, even though no official release date has been announced. As of this writing, Tangled is still on the top ten bestsellers in movies and tv, placed at #9. The movie will be […]

DreamWorks Animation Picks Up "Maintenance" Movie Rights

by darkdetectiveon December 19, 2010
The Hollywood Reporter has reported DreamWorks Animation has apparently picked up the movie rights to Maintenance, an Oni Press comic book. Maintenance, written by Jim Massey and illustrated by Robbi Rodriguez and published by Oni Press in December of 2006, follows the exploits of two janitors who work for TerroMax, Inc., the world’s biggest and […]

Vanguard Films Announces New Stop-Motion Animated Film

by darkdetectiveon December 18, 2010
Mike Johnson, co-director of Corpse Bride, will be directing Vanguard Films’ CG/stop-motion hybrid animation film, Oz Wars. “Oz Wars is an animated action-adventure story, but unlike most animated films, it’s not just for kids. The Land of Oz will be re-imagined using stop-motion to create a world that’s dark, slick, sexy, and dangerous. It’s long […]

Katzenberg Talks DreamWorks Sequels

by darkdetectiveon December 6, 2010
Empire recently sat down with Dreamworks Animation’s Jeffery Katzenberg. He mentioned there are plans for five Kung Fu Panda sequels, two How To Train Your Dragon sequels and two more Madagascar sequels. Here is an excerpt: Jeffery Katzenberg: “So today I can tell you pretty succinctly where Madagascar goes. Ultimately they will come back to […]

‘Tangled’ Exceeds Expectations In Box-Office

by darkdetectiveon November 28, 2010
Although originally expected to earn between $35-40 million in the box-office over the 5-day Thanksgiving weekend, Disney’s Tangled scored an estimated $49.1 million over the 3-day Thanksgiving weekend and collected a whopping $69 million since opening on Wednesday. This is the second-largest Thanksgiving opening weekend in history, right behind the $80 million 5-day and $59 […]

"Tangled": It’s Everything I Hoped ‘The Princess And The Frog’ Would Be!

by darkdetectiveon November 26, 2010
The best way I can describe Walt Disney Feature Animation’s Tangled, its fiftieth animated feature, is to say it’s everything I’d hoped The Princess and the Frog would be. While The Princess and the Frog often seemed at times like it was trying too hard to be a film from the Disney Renaissance, Tangled actually […]