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"Evangelion 2.22: You Can (Not) Advance" For A Few Years, At Least

by Chad Boninon May 25, 2011
With Rei Ayanami and Shinji Ikari having successfully defended Tokyo-3 from the onslaught of the monstrous Angels in their mechanized Evangelion units, the rest of the cast can assemble! Hotheaded Asuka Shikinami and the mysterious bespectacled Mari make their way to NERV headquarters, and prepare to defend humanity from the Third Impact that would eradicate […]

"South Park Season 14" A Tale of Censorship and Crème Fraiche

by Chad Boninon May 10, 2011
Mecha-Streisand. The Gingers. Snookie. Scrotie McBoogerballs. Tiger Woods. Facebook. Intervention. Jersey Shore. NASCAR. Cthulhu. Inception. The BP oil spill. Food Network. Stan, Kyle, Kenny, and Cartman are back for their 14th season, and have to deal with all these threats to their very survival. Will Mint-Berry Crunch be able to save the day, or will […]

"The Avengers": Earth’s Mightiest Heroes Assemble for a Rather Lame Series

by Chad Boninon May 4, 2011
The final two-parter, “Breakout,” features the supervillain Graviton breaking free mysteriously from SHIELD (alongside legions of other supervillains), echoing the birth of The New Avengers (in which a mass supervillain breakout from The Raft forms a makeshift team of Avengers soon after they disassembled). Admittedly, this is where the television run starts, which is partly […]

"Gamera" Double Feature: One Guy in a Rubber Suit Is the Hope of All Childkind

by Chad Boninon April 22, 2011
One giant monster is the hope for all of Japan and the world. He’s the ally of all children, and the steadfast opponent of all aliens that would threaten them. He’s not Godzilla, he’s Gamera, the giant rocket-powered turtle, and it’s up to him to fight off the forces of Zigra, and, allied with three […]

"Disgaea: The Complete Series": Grinding Away with No Leveling Up

by Chad Boninon April 20, 2011
Rudely awakened by an angelic assassin, Laharl finds that his overlord of a father has passed on. With his defender demoness Etna at his side (and with an unexpected ally in the holy-warrior-in-training that is Flonne), they’re off on an adventure to defend his role as the successor to the throne of the demon world. […]

"Dragonball Z Kai" Part Four: Unfinished Business

by Chad Boninon April 18, 2011
The fight with Frieza is at its most dangerous moment. With an ally dead and a planet on the brink of collapse, the heroic Goku has been pushed to his limits. When faced with the ultimate evil, he might just lose his cool and become the legendary Super Saiyan. In Goku’s ultimate battle with the […]

"ReBoot Seasons 1 & 2" Warning: Incoming Lame

by Chad Boninon March 21, 2011
He came from The Net. Protecting systems, peoples, and cities, he came to this world: Mainframe. They say the User lives outside The Net, and inputs games for pleasure. No one knows for sure, but Guardian Bob has sworn to defend his new home from these games. If they lose the game, they lose their […]

"The Sacred Blacksmith": Forging a Sharp Series

by Chad Boninon March 11, 2011
In an age of swords and sorcery, a young girl has taken up her father’s blade to defend the town that she loves. When that blade is shattered, she must forge a team with a new one. Her newest partner is a Demon Sword, a wind-enhanced slicer that can turn into a human ally. Wanting […]

"Dragonball Z Kai" Part 3: Antiheroics in Outer Space

by Chad Boninon January 26, 2011
With the battle for the Dragonballs having safely moved to the Planet Namek, the Earth is safe for the moment. Depending on who gets the balls and can make a wish, though, things might not be so safe. If our intrepid heroes acquire them, then the world will be safe and their allies will be […]