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Final ‘Justice League’ and ‘Superman’ DVDs Arrive June 20th

by Bird Boyon May 1, 2006
Updated (5/1): Final specs (including the confirmed commentary list) have been added below. Update (4/8): As the back cover art states, the aspect ratio of Justice League: Season Two is in it’s “original television exhibition.” This means that while the image is widescreen, the actual video itself is situated between two permanent widescreen bars, making […]

First Images of "Shaggy & Scooby-Doo Get A Clue!" and "Tom And Jerry Tales" Online

by Bird Boyon April 26, 2006
On the heels of the Kids WB! Fall Schedule announcement come images from two of their new acquisitions: Shaggy & Scooby-Doo Get A Clue! and Tom And Jerry Tales. Presented below are the first shots of the new Scooby Doo designs and an image of a very classic looking Tom and Jerry.

World’s Finest Interviews Jason Hillhouse

by Bird Boyon April 20, 2006
The World’s Finest has interviewed Jason Hillhouse, producer of the DC Animated Classics DVD special features, about his work on the DVDs of the past, present and future.

Cartoon Network Silent Auction For Charity

by Bird Boyon April 18, 2006
This Thursday, April 20th, there will be an auction at Cartoon Network benefiting Fyn Stec, who has been diagnosed with liver cancer at age 4. Fyn is the son of Paul Stec (Director for Foster’s Home For Imaginary Friends) and Dayla Corcoran (production coordinator on Dexter’s Lab and Shrek). For more information, please see the […]

McFarlane Toys Unveils First Wave of Hanna-Barbera Toys

by Bird Boyon April 8, 2006
The official McFarlane Toys website has unveiled the first wave of toys based on the classic Hanna-Barbera characters. Included in the first wave are two Flinstones, two Tom & Jerry, Hong Kong Phooey and Quick Draw McGraw.

"Justice League Unlimited" Series Finales Air May 6th and 13th

by Bird Boyon April 7, 2006
Cartoon Network will air the two-part Justice League Unlimited series finale on May 6th and 13th at 10:30pm on their Toonami cartoon block. [Source: Cartoon Network]

"Robot Chicken": Bawk-Bawk-Bacawkin’ Its Way to DVD

by Bird Boyon March 22, 2006
Whenever someone asks me what I think about Robot Chicken, I’m hesitant to answer. It really isn’t a well written show by any means, and it relies mostly on toilet humor and vulgar gross out sketches. Having said that, I absolutely love this show. I originally had low expectations as early reviews painted the show […]

WHV Announces "X-Men Evolution"’s Third Season on DVD

by Bird Boyon March 17, 2006
Update (3/17): Updated cover art and back cover art added; special features added. Update (2/25): Cover art added. WHV has announced the third season of X-Men Evolution on DVD for a May 23rd release. The DVD will feature a small array of special features spread across two discs, featuring all thirteen episodes from the popular […]

Minoriteam: "You were supposed to pick them up at 3, not 3:15!"

by Bird Boyon March 17, 2006
Minoriteam is Adult Swim’s newest creation from Williams Street and is set to premiere on television March 19th. Fans of Adult Swim no doubt caught the preview of the first episode back when Boondocks first premiered on the network and they were again no doubt confused by what they saw in those quick first twelve […]

New Interview With "Spawn" Supervising Director Eric Radomski

by Bird Boyon March 11, 2006
Toon Zone’s new Todd McFarlane’s Spawn website has launched, and included in the site is a new interview with the first animated Spawn‘s supervising director, Eric Radomski. The interview goes into Radomski’s career on the show and his overall thoughts on the show’s quality and production. Further interviews are to be added to the site […]