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Toon Zone Was There: "Yin Yang Yo!" Gives A Peek Inside

by Alex Weitzmanon August 20, 2006
If I remember anything at all from that Tuesday morning at Walt Disney Studios, it’s that Steve Marmel, Bob Boyle, and John Fountain “loves [them] some farts.” I remember a great deal more from the press breakfast and look inside at some of the internal processes of the upcoming Jetix premiere Yin Yang Yo!, but […]

SDCC: Warner Bros. Showcases Next Year’s Animated Features – Info and Impressions

by Alex Weitzmanon July 21, 2006
The Big Shield delivered in a massive panel on Thursday at the San Diego Comic-Con, bringing information and appearances based around their three next high-profile animated features. Responses from the audience ranged from general interest to full-blown elation, almost exactly in that order. First in the spotlight was next week’s release, The Ant Bully. Writer/director […]

SDCC: Mainframe Animation Presents New Tony Hawk Film – Info and Impressions

by Alex Weitzmanon July 21, 2006
Canadian-based Mainframe Entertainment presented a sneak preview and artistic breakdown today at the San Diego Comic-Con of their new CGI straight-to-DVD film, Tony Hawk in Boom Boom Sabotage. Boasting a large amount of cooperation with the Hawks and several other major skateboarding stars, the film uses copious amounts of motion-capture to transmute real skakeboarding tricks […]