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‘Wolverine And The X-Men’ Pilot To Premiere at San Diego Comic Con

by Stuon June 23, 2008
According to, the 90 minute pilot for the upcoming Wolverine And The X-Men animated series will premiere at this Summer’s San Diego Comic-Con. The site also has a new clip from the show. Wolverine And The X-Men and the upcoming Iron Man: Armoured Adventures are set to premiere on Nicktoons in Early 2009. Wolverine […]

Turning an Avenger Golden: Tom Tataranowicz Talks Iron Man

by Stuon June 6, 2008
Realizing that their Iron Man and Fantastic Four cartoons were in dire need of a revamp, Marvel turned to Tom Tataranowicz and in turn, he and his crew revamped the shows from the ground up, turning poor shows into some of Marvel’s finest. The Marvel Animation Age and Toon Zone News caught up with Tom […]

Inside The Armour Wars: Len Uhley Talks Iron Man

by Stuon May 12, 2008
A veteran of various animated shows throughout the years, Len Uhley has written for various Marvel cartoons since the mid 1990’s. The Marvel Animation Age and Toon Zone News caught up with Len via an email interview to talk about his freelance assignment on Iron Man, the critically acclaimed Armour Wars storyline. TOON ZONE NEWS/MARVEL […]

Engineering The Excellent: Greg Johnson Talks ‘Iron Man’

by Stuon May 6, 2008
With Iron Man season one reaching new levels of mediocrity in animation, Marvel revamped the show and replaced the existing staff with an all new crew, resulting in a huge renovation for the show. But how do you rework a show this bad? The Marvel Animation Age/Toon Zone News caught up with writer/story editor Greg […]

Toon Zone Interviews Matt Wayne on Spinning "The Spectacular Spider-Man"

by Stuon February 26, 2008
Having already served as a story editor on Justice League Unlimited and cast a storm with Hellboy, Matt Wayne is no stranger to superhero cartoons. The Marvel Animation Age and Toon Zone News caught up with Matt in an email interview to talk about his work on the upcoming The Spectacular Spider-Man. Take it away, […]

Updated: ‘Spectacular Spider-Man’ To Premiere At Wonder Con

by Stuon February 20, 2008
Sony Animation has recently announced that the first episode of the upcoming The Spectacular Spider-Man will premiere in it’s entireity at Wonder Con. The convention takes place between February 22nd – 24th. Below is the current synopsis for the episode, entitled “Survival Of The Fittest”. An elder scientist named Adrian Toomes claims that Oscorp stole […]

Updated: ‘Wolverine And The X-Men’ Trailer Online

by Stuon February 6, 2008
The trailer for the upcoming Wolverine And The X-Men cartoon is now online at Cyber-Animation. The show will debut in the UK on BBC in the first quarter of 2008, but has no release date or network for the USA as of yet. Update: If the trailer cannot be viewed at Cyber-Animation, it can be […]

‘Marvel Zombies’ Animated Feature Rumoured

by Stuon January 29, 2008
According to a Direct To DVD animated feature based upon the popular Marvel Zombies mini series may be in the works. The series, which follows the events of an alternate Marvel universe becoming infected with a virus that turns the characters into flesh hungry zombies, has been both a critical and commmercial hit for […]

Hulk vs Wolverine/Hulk Vs Thor DTV Rumoured

by Stuon January 26, 2008
A recent email survey for marketing focus groups from Marvel/Lionsgate Productions reveals their possible plans for the Hulk Smash! Direct to DVD feature, currently planned for an October 2008 release. These were the synopsis’ provided for the direct-to-video feature, but please note, this project is currently in the early stages of production and has yet […]

Strange Days: Greg Johnson on Scripting the Sorcerer Supreme

by Stuon August 25, 2007
Having served as the screenwriter for all four of Marvel/Lionsgates’ Direct To DVD features, Greg Johnson is more than familiar with the particulars of writing these features. The Marvel Animation Age caught up with Greg to talk about scripting The Sorcerer Supreme just in time for it’s release. MARVEL ANIMATION AGE: How did you come […]