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"Spider-Man 2" DVD Fitting DVD For Fantastic Film

by Stuon November 20, 2004
The greatest superhero film of all time–that’s Spider-Man 2 if you didn’t pick up on the hint in the headline–is finally coming to DVD. Times are tough for troubled teen Peter Parker. His grades are declining, his Aunt May is being forced out of her home, and he still can’t balance out the issues with […]

"The Batman": Bland Beginnings For Awkward New Show

by Stuon August 18, 2004
Warner Bros. hasn’t had a lot of luck translating its beloved comic book characters into other concepts. Most of its live action film franchises have been met with box office success but critical apathy—if they’re lucky. Its videogames, including Batman: Dark Tomorrow, Catwoman, and Batman Beyond: Return Of The Joker, are considered to be some […]

"Spider-Man: ’67" Shines In Spectacular Box Set

by Stuon July 1, 2004
First airing on ABC Television in 1967, Spider-Man has gone on to become a cult favourite, best known for its cheap animation, hammy voices, and, of course, its outstanding theme song. After releasing a few episodes as bonus features on other Spider-Man related DVDs, Disney has decided to release all 52 episodes of the classic […]

"Spider-Man: Doc Ock" Falls Short, But Pleases

by Stuon June 23, 2004
Aiming to cash in on the release of Sony’s Spider-Man 2, Buena Vista will release its fourth Spider-Man: The Animated Series DVD on June 29. And—will coincidences never cease—the DVD just happens to hype the villain to be be featured in the live-action film. I say “hypes” rather than “features,” because, in point of fact, […]

Three-Disc "Spider-Man" Set Fails To Please

by Stuon May 21, 2004
Sony has decided to unleash two different double dips for their favourite cash cow, Spider-Man. This release is the same two-disc set which first saw the light of day way back in September 2002, but Sony has added exclusive third disc. In an effort which was presumably aimed to annoy thier fanbase, a Superbit of […]

"X2: X-Men United" DVD Set Shines

by Stuon November 21, 2003
Set a few years after the first film, X2 was released on May 2, 2003, in the summer of sequels. In a surprise turn, it soon toppled the sure-fire hit The Matrix Reloaded in both critic and fan reviews. It’s not difficult to see why. In one of those rare occurrences in the hype of […]