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Stan Berkowitz Talks Spider-Man’s "Venom Saga"

by Stuon July 25, 2005
Toon Zone’s Marvel Animation Age site interviews writer Stan Berkowitz about his work on Spider-Man: The Animated Series.

Animated ‘Spider-Man’ DTV Rumored For 2007 Release

by Stuon July 25, 2005
Citing unidentified sources, reports that an animated direct-to-video Spider-Man feature is in development, in time for release with Spider-Man 3, slated for release in Summer 2007. The DTV will feature Spider-Man battling one of the upcoming movie’s villains, The Chameleon. It is not known if the feature will be created in the style of […]

"Batman", "Superman" Animated Series Return To TV

by Stuon July 2, 2005
According to the Boomerang Schedule, both Batman: The Animated Series and Superman: The Animated Series will begin airing on the network starting Monday, July 4. Batman’s premiere “On Leather Wings” and Superman’s “Fun And Games” will air Monday at 12:00am and 12:30am respectively. Stay tuned to Toon Zone News for more Batman/Superman updates, and visit […]

Boyd Kirkland Interviewed At World’s Finest

by Stuon May 24, 2005
here. managed to catch up with Batman: The Animated Series director Boyd Kirkland to talk about his work on the show. Kirkland directed several episodes on the upcoming DVD set (review) including Second Chance, Catwalk and Read My Lips. To read the interview, click here.

Kelsey Grammer Cast as The X-Men’s Beast

by Stuon May 20, 2005
Superhero Hype! reports that Kelsey Grammer will portray Beast in next summer’s X-Men 3. Reports indicate that Grammer — best known for his portrayal as TV’s Frasier — will wear a suit similar to The Thing from FOX’s upcoming Fantastic Four movie in order to give the character his trademark blue fur. X-Men 3 is […]

Topher Grace Joins "Spider-Man 3" Cast

by Stuon May 20, 2005
Topher Grace will portray one of the villains in Sony’s upcoming Spider-Man 3 movie, according to Superhero Hype! Grace will join Thomas Haden Church as the web-slinger’s rival in the third of a planned six Spider-Man films. It is unknown which villains the aforementioned actors will be portraying.

‘Fantastic Four’ Animation Sneak Peek On Upcoming DVD

by Stuon April 28, 2005
Newsarama reports that the upcoming Fantastic Four animated series will be showcased in an unspecified manner on the DVD release of the upcoming Fantastic Four theatrical film. The Fantastic Four DVD is expected to be released in the fall, and initial TV airings of the new animated show are slated to appear in Fall 2006.

‘Dr. Strange’ DTV Animated Feature Confirmed

by Stuon April 28, 2005
Dr. Strange will be featured in one of the Marvel/Lions Gates upcoming animated Direct-to-DVD movies, according to Newsarama. This will be the first time ‘The Master Of Mystic Arts’ has carried his own animated feature. The movie, the fourth in nine planned features, will be released in 2006. Other animated properties include two Ultimate Avengers […]

‘Fantastic Four’ Specs/Disc Art Revealed

by Stuon April 12, 2005 has revealed the disc art for the upcoming Fantastic Four animated box set, which includes every episode from the mid 90’s television series. Both the disc and the cover feature the foursome’s first season designs. The set will feature episode introductions from Fantastic Four co-creator Stan Lee and will also include Stan Lee’s Soapbox. […]

Greg Johnson Talks ‘Spider-Man’

by Stuon April 6, 2005
Toon Zone’s Spider-Man: The New Animated Series site recently spoke to animation veteran Greg Johnson about his work on the show. Johnson penned the critically acclaimed “Law Of The Jungle” episode, in which Spider-Man must stop The Lizard from killing his friend Harry. To read the interview, click here.