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Hope for Ghibli’s Next Generation in "From Up on Poppy Hill"

by Benon August 23, 2011
I expect From Up on Poppy Hill (Kokurikozaka kara) will strike American Studio Ghibli fans as a little strange. It’s not set in a fantastic world of gunslinger samurai, flying pigs, tiny people, magic cats, Japanese gods or aquatic toddler Valkyries. Actually, its world isn’t fantastic at all, and its high school-aged heroes have more […]

"Jin-Roh" Director Returns with "Letter to Momo" in 2012

by Benon February 16, 2011
Fourteen years after his directorial debut with “Jin-Roh,” Hiroyuki Okiura will return to the big screen with “Letter to Momo,” set to be released in Japan next year, the film’s production studio Production I.G. announced today. Masashi Ando (“Princess Mononoke”) serves as animation director, with art director Hiroshi Ono (“Kiki’s Delivery Service”) and a team […]

Kenneth Mars, Comedic and Voice Actor, 1935 – 2011

by Benon February 15, 2011
Actor Kenneth Mars, beloved voice and character actor, died of pancreatic cancer on Saturday in Granada Hills, California. He was 75. Best known among the general public for his live action roles in Mel Brooks’ The Producers and Young Frankenstein, Mars was also a prolific voice actor for cartoons and video games, famously portraying the […]

Tokyo Theater to Screen "Stand Alone Complex" Ahead of "Solid State Society" 3D

by Benon February 15, 2011
If you’ve ever wanted to see Stand Alone Complex on the big screen (and you live in Tokyo), this is your chance. The large cineplex Shinjuku Wald 9 in Tokyo will be screening all 52 episodes of “Ghost in the Shell: SAC” from Feb. 26 to March 25 as part of a lead-up to the […]

25 Minutes with "Negadon" Beats Two Hours With a Green Ogre

by Benon July 2, 2007
The tone for Negadon: The Monster From Mars is set early, when the words “Showa 100” (indicating the year 2025) flash across the screen. The Japanese number their years according to the current emperor’s reign. We’re now in the Heisei era, but the reign of Emperor Hirohito, which encompassed the years 1926 to 1989, was […]

"Seirei no Moribito" Novels Come to U.S. 2008

by Benon March 22, 2007
At a press conference at the Tokyo Anime Fair for their upcoming series Seirei no Moribito (Guardians of the Sacred Spirit) yesterday, Production I.G. announced English translations of the novels on which the series is based will be released in the United States in 2008 by Arthur A. Levine Books, the imprint of Scholastic that […]

CN Upfront: New Online Initiatives Include MMO for 2008

by Benon February 16, 2007
In Spring 2008, Cartoon Network will launch a massively multiplayer online game in what they call “one of our largest new media investments ever.” Other online initiatives include CN Clipbook, an online cartoon maker that will also allow users to share their creations and rate others; CN Minimatch, a service starting this summer that allows […]

CN Upfront: Three "Billy & Mandy" Movies, More Specials & Crossovers Planned-UPDATED

by Benon February 16, 2007
Cartoon Network plans major crossover events and TV movies for its series in 2007, the network said today at its Upfront presentation. According to CN’s senior vice president of development and creative direction Michael Ouweleen, “We feel like we make some of the best animated half hour TV shows out there, but it’s just not […]

CN Upfront: "Ben 10" Live Action and Animated Movies In Production-UPDATED

by Benon February 16, 2007
Cartoon Network will produce two movies based on its series Ben 10, the network says. Alex Winter, star of Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure and a voice actor on Saul of the Mole Men will direct a live-action Ben 10 feature that will premiere in December. Winter stated at the 2007 Upfront presentation that he […]

CN Upfront: "Flapjack," "Chowder," "Re-Animated" Series Among New Shows for ’07

by Benon February 16, 2007
Flapjack, Chowder, Santo, The Secret Saturdays and a series spin-off of last year’s Re-Animated movie are among the new series coming to Cartoon Network in 2007. The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack is about a falsetto-voiced boy raised by a talking whale whose tranquil life is upended when he rescues an old pirate, Captain K’Nuckles, from […]