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Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Opens Next Month

by on October 25, 2017

The moment Nintendo announced they were looking into producing mobile games, everyone wanted to know: when do we get Animal Crossing? As of last evening we received a release date and more…is it scaled down or is it a full AC experience?

It feels pretty complete to us, though it doesn’t take place in the traditional Animal Crossing village — it’s Pocket Camp, a campground with AC characters and gameplay elements. When you first start the app and create your character, you’ll be deposited in a mostly-empty site and greeted by Isabelle, who asks you to run the place. it doesn’t matter how you respond, because you agreed when you downloaded the game. And, once again, you’re deep in debt.

From there you can do all sorts of things while you pay it off….make furniture, fish, do chores, chat with animal neighbors, shop, gather materials by visiting beaches and islands, and create special attractions called amenities. Instead of a house you have a camper, which you can decorate just like an AC house. You’ll also be able to visit friends’ neighborhoods by exchanging ID numbers.

Rumors of an Animal Crossing free-to-play game were often accompanied by half-joking remarks about Tom Nook charging you real money. Yes and no on that end. There are two ways to earn Leaf Tickets, the in-game currency, in Pocket Camp: by buying it with actual dollars or by earning it as you would in a traditional Animal Crossing game. Nintendo had to make scratch on this venture somehow, and this feels like a fair way given the realities of the mobile market.

You can make Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp your home this November. Nintendo isn’t sharing the exact date, but if you pre-register you’ll have it right when it comes out.

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