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A (Re)-Animated Halloween with Toon Zone

by on October 31, 2005

Looking for something to scare your friends? Need a toon to watch with the evil spirits of the holiday? Whether you’re spending a quiet night at home among the hatboxes filled with rotting human hats or prefer emerging from your dark lair to terrify and repel all you encounter (perhaps an investment in deodorant is in order?), Toon Zone News has the new animated releases to satiate your unholy thirst for dripping cels.

And be sure to vote for which was your favorite on the talkback thread in the demonic underworld of eternal suffering that is the Toon Zone Forum.

Kakurenbo: Hide and Seek

Duke the Hazzardous writes: Kakurenbo has what any good horror film should: a creepy atmosphere. The plot is rushed, the characters don’t get a lot of development, and the music gets annoying after a while, but the sheer visceral creepiness, enhanced by the demon designs, succeed in overshadowing the movie’s flaws. Really, it’s hard not to get swept in once the various demons start attacking. And since it’s so short, it’s an effective quick fix should you want to creep somebody out come Halloween. If you can, try playing this film on as big a TV as you can find, preferably with surround sound on full blast, to get the maximum experience. I guarantee you and/or your friends will be jumping out of your seats at least once. And this is coming from a guy who hates horror films with a passion.

Kakurenbo: Hide and Seek is available on DVD from Central Park Media.

La Portrait de Petit Cossette

Mahou Shonen Ax Murderer Karl Olson shares his thoughts: Petite Cossette is a standout among horror anime. Its unique plot, great art, great music and brilliant blend of surreal creepiness and Victorian romance (yes, romance) come together as a general breath of fresh air in an era full of generic storytelling and design. I’d recommend it to people looking for something that’s not only a good scare but also a great story with a lot of depth and passion, though the violence and sexuality definitely make it kid-unfriendly. Most importantly though, it has the spookiness appropriate to Halloween, but with a story that’s enjoyable year-round.

La Portrait de Petit Cossette is available on DVD from Geneon.

Ghost Talker’s Daydream

Knux Six Six Six: Misaki Saiki. She’s a top dominatrix in Tokyo, but she’s got powers that would freak out Haley Joel Osment. Unable to escape her ability to talk to ghosts, she’s forced to ignore them until the life of a high school girl is thrown in jeopardy. An excellent four-episode series, it manages to balance some of the creepiness with some great humor. Sure, she may be trying to solve a decade-old mass murder case, but she’s really trying to find a hair rejuvenation temple to… rejuvenate some hair.

Ghost Talker’s Daydream is available on DVD from Geneon.

If scary just isn’t your thing, he also writes about a comedic series that turns a spooky plot upside down.

Ghost Stories Semester 1: Freshman Frights

Forget Scooby Doo. ADV knew how to do the series right, and that’s with an improvised script. Taking a rather bad show from Japan and letting the voice actors go crazy leads to possessed toilets and Scientology jokes. There’s no muttering mutt here, but there is a demonically-possessed cat out for blood. Scoring a hit with the jokes most of the time, you won’t be scared unless the concept of your teacher taking a leak in the break room rattles your bones.

Ghost Stories Semester 1: Freshman Frights is available on DVD from ADV Films.

Finally, we have two recommendations more suited for family viewing.

Ed, Edd ‘n Eddy’s Boo Haw Haw

Stabby Boris writes: Want a few laughs with your Halloween TV & DVD buffet? Then check out Ed, Edd n’ Eddy’s Boo Haw Haw, the third in a string of holiday-themed specials. Besides the astoundingly superb animation and poses that the show has nailed in recent years, you get the usual off-the-wall madness and the simple-but-fun plotlines (this one dealing with Ed going stir-crazy from watching horror movies all night).

Ed, Edd ‘n Eddy’s Boo Haw Haw airs on Cartoon Network this Halloween at 7:30am, 1:30pm, 4:00pm and 10:00pm.

Count Duckula: The Complete First Season

Axie Zeus originally reviewed this chronicle of a mild-mannered duck: This British comedy features a vampire duck that was accidentally revived with ketchup instead of blood. Now a mild-mannered vegetarian instead of an aggressive bloodsucker, Count Duckula spends his time with crazy schemes and adventures. The adventures, however, mainly serve as a springboard for the highlights of this show: the writing and character interactions. There is a decent amount of witty dialogue tossed around, especially of the variety that fans of British comedy would enjoy. While there may not be any scares to be found, it’s hard not to enjoy the antics of a broccoli-eating vampire duck.

Count Duckula: The Complete First Season is available on DVD from Capital Entertainment.

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