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A "Colorful" Peek Into Man’s Imagination

by on October 11, 2004

A lamppost is taking innocent lives. A foreign exchange student is nearly drowned. A robber escapes a convenience store with countless Ramen meals. Countless students in English class can’t pronounce their Ls and Rs. What could be causing all these disasters? Why, peeking in at naked women, of course. Is Colorful an off-the-wall, hilariously overblown look at man’s quest for woman, or is watching it only one more reason why I can’t get a girlfriend?

ImageColorful is hard to describe without getting sued for sexual harassment or ruining my already messed-up reputation. These 16 short segments have no plots to speak of, few recurring characters, and one thing in common. Every main character is the average John trying to get a peek at Jane’s undergarments.

I can see all this being pretty offensive to some women, though not all, considering it was a female friend who urged me to pick this up. However, I don’t think it’s exactly a spoiler if I tell you every guy fails in some way in their quest. Speaking of the losers– er, protagonists, I might as well introduce them.

Steve is an American exchange student living in Japan and is essentially the narrator/filmmaker of the series. His (mis)adventures in filming the beauty of the island nation are always skewed, whether by the reflection of a girl in a lake or an unclothed toy doll, Steve always manages to return to his base urges. For example, when Steve’s friend Jamie sees his video collection, he remarks, “Panties.”

To which Steve replies, “Yes, the very essence of Japan.”

Next we meet The Coach, your standard high school athletics teacher. I don’t think they ever give him a real name, and if they do, it’s not important. Whether it be track or swimming, he’s teaching it… and his favorite girl will always be involved. The Coach, ironically, is one of the more honorable characters, constantly trying to fight his urges, but soon enough you realize he’s drooling over his own student and he’s no better than Steve.

I’m not sure if the Various Retail Employees were supposed to be the same character or not, but somebody has to run the stores in the world of Colorful. Included are shoe salesmen who would make Al Bundy proud and fight over who will help the customer. One has an unwanted surprise.

The Field Reporter for the Local News is actually a woman. No, she doesn’t join in the escapades. She’s usually covering the events, whether it’s college students constantly slamming into a lamppost, a 50-story tall Japanese High School Girl destroying everything, or a kid making schools disappear. All she wants is to defeat Star Jones and become Barbara Walters’ co-host.

Man, from my description, this sounds like a hentai. Nuh-uh. Surprisingly, there is very minimal nudity, and anything shown can also be seen on FX or Spike TV. The f-bombs are dropped liberally, but you can probably hear those from the mouths of babies nowadays. At worst, consider it an R rated movie akin to American Pie, or animé on the level of Golden Boy.

Speaking of Golden Boy, I loved that show, and I love this one just as much. I laughed my butt off at some of the situations and the lines (the dub is very Americanized). The animation isn’t exactly high-budget with many shots reused but it’s still pretty good-looking except when noses disappear. That started looking freaky for some characters.

The disc doesn’t skimp on extras. Clean Opening and Closing are standard, also with the trailers for this and other ADV properties. The highlight is the “Colorful: Exposed!” mockumentary on the voice-actors, from the drunkard to the porn-quest to the exploits of Cesar, the audio technician. The actor bios continue this faux storyline.

If you’re a college guy, or a fan of Golden Boy, or simply enjoy a good laugh and aren’t easily offended go get this. Now. Especially if “My God, I’m one sick bastard” has passed through your mind at one point in life. I can’t recommend this enough.

And to think, I only used the word “panties” once. But then I mentioned Barbara Walters, which… augh… I’m going to go wash my brain.

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