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You’ll Be Playing Super Mario Odyssey For Countless Moons

by on October 26, 2017

Remember Super Mario 64 when your reward for completing the game was a photo of a cake and Yoshi gifting you 99 lives? Did you wish for something greater at the time? Careful what you wish for….

Recent Mario games like 3D World/Land and the Galaxy series have included bonus content and extra levels that can only be accessed after the end credits have rolled. Super Mario Odyssey has taken that practice to a whole new level: the number of moons you can collect in the main game is more than tripled in the post-game. No fooling.

After defeating Bowser and rescuing Peach (spoiler: your goal is to rescue Peach), travel to any kingdom and find a metallic box. There’s one located in all of them, and throwing your hat at it in the post-game will unleash an explosion of new moons to collect. These will be harder to obtain than the main game moons were, and it only gets more challenging from there.

Moons power up your spaceship, and even after the game considers itself “done” they’ll continue to do so. Collecting 250 moons gives the ship power to reach The Dark Side Of The Moon, where if you don’t beat all the game’s main bosses on one life in one go, you can’t have any pudding.

This still isn’t the end. It’s possible to collect twice as many moons, and once you gather 500, the Darker Side of the Moon will open up, revealing the game’s most challenging area. And you can go even farther than that…reviewers have found over 800 moons in the game so far, with the exact number unknown as of this writing.

Super Mario Odyssey goes on sale November 27 for Nintendo Switch.
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