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Xiaolin Showdown Season 2 Coming To DVD January 10

by on January 5, 2017

WB Archive has finally announced they will be continuing the rollout of Xiaolin Showdown on DVD. Season Two will be available January 10 in the form of a MOD title sold on their website and major e-retailers such as Amazon. That only took eleven years!

Season One of the beloved Kids WB series was first put on DVD in 2006, when the show was still on the air. It’s been out of print for a long time, so one might ask — we’re grateful for Season 2, don’t get us wrong, but if they’re just now letting us have it, how are we supposed to get Season One without paying crazy eBay prices?

WB Archive thought of that, and they’re also re-releasing Season One on the same day. It will be the same set as was sold in Aught-Six, only in MOD form. Season One will be $24.99, while Season Two will be $29.99.

Xiaolin Showdown lasted three seasons; there is no word yet on the third and final season’s DVD prospects. Hopefully that one will come out before 2028.

xiaolin showdown

This season the four warriors advance to Apprentice level Dragons-In-Training. There are over 50 new Shen-Gong-Wu, including those that give powers of time travel, mind reading and one that enables the user to enter his opponents dream world! The Xiaolin Showdowns are much more perilous, and their opponents more threatening and powerful. The most threatening opponent of them all is a new and ominous super-villain, Chase Young.

Omi and the others must work together, entering the world of Yin, in an all-out effort to save the earth from Chase Young’s evil army. Other villains our young monks will encounter include Cyclops, PandaBubba, Ice Creature and Dyris, a beautiful, evil mermaid who morphs into a grotesque monster when out of water.

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