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WB’s Harley Quinn Movie Is Actually A Birds Of Prey Movie

by on November 12, 2016

Remember when a Harley Quinn movie was spotted on Warner Bros’ release schedule? Either it’s gone through some revisions or it was never what we figured. It seems Harley won’t be the focus of that movie — instead it’ll revolve around Gotham’s female superhero team known as the Birds of Prey. Screenwriter Christina Hodson is currently busy with the script for this one as well as a Transformers spinoff focused on Bumblebee.

WB already tried adapting Birds of Prey to live-action back when the comic it was based on was in its original run, in the form of an adventure-drama on The WB. Fans didn’t like it, but it did contain Harley as the Big Bad (played by Mia Sara, because sooner or later everybody goes to the zoo).

But the fact that they’re getting their own movie right now is a bit of a headscratcher. The Birds of Prey are comprised of Black Canary, Huntress, and Oracle (Batgirl without the use of her legs, post-Killing Joke). None of these characters have been introduced to the DC movie canon yet. In fact, not only have we never seen Oracle, we have yet to see Batgirl at all!

So that being said, this revelation may be a bit of a spoiler. It wouldn’t be beyond the Murderverse to introduce Batgirl in an upcoming movie, have her fight crime for around 20 minutes and THEN have the Joker shoot her. This is not what anybody wants, of course. But it would be so Snyder.

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