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Viz acquires Mega Man Star Force

by on April 18, 2007

At the MIPTV conference in Paris, France this week, Viz Media has announced that they have licensed 13 episodes of Mega Man Star Force.

Viz’s press release provides the following information on the series’ storyline

In the year 220X, a new technology has been developed to enable contact with extraterrestrial life forms. A mysterious accident occurs during the first communication attempt and Geo Stelar’s father, an astronomical scientist, disappears. After the accident, Geo is determined to follow his father’s footsteps and unravel the secrets surrounding the disappearance. Geo finds his father’s visualizer, which allows him to see invisible electromagnetic waves, and soon after witnesses a fight between two sporadic waves, one of which unexpectedly rushes toward him! Geo learns that what he’s seen isn’t an electromagnetic wave, but an extraterrestrial life form – Omega-Xis, and FM-ian who has escaped his home Planet FM with the mysterious Andromeda Key. Other FM-ians are determined to destroy Planet Earth and release FM viruses to succeed in their cause. When Geo and Omega-Xis merge by exchanging electromagnetic waves, they become Mega Man – the only one who can protect humankind and save the planet!

No other information is available at this time regarding TV broadcast or a DVD release.

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