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Vixen: The Movie Will Air On The CW Tomorrow

by on August 29, 2017

Did you miss Vixen’s cartoon series when it first appeared online? Did you know that series is finally getting a proper broadcast airing within 48 hours?

Vixen: The Movie, which was released on Blu-Ray and DVD a few months ago (see our review) will premiere on The CW tomorrow. For those who have missed the series or haven’t seen the superhero’s appearances on Legends of Tomorrow, Vixen has the ability to channel the proportionate strength, speed or lethality of any animal on Earth by using the ancient mystic totem passed down through her family.

The cartoon first turned up in five-minute installments on The CW Seed, the network’s web-based spinoff devoted to experimental projects. Two “seasons” of Vixen were created this way; then they were then sewn together along with 15 additional minutes of footage and turned into Vixen: The Movie.

Due to the circumstances of its creation, the feature is more like two stories instead of one. In the first half, Mari’s sister is envious of her being chosen to protect the totem and aims to steal it for herself. The second half introduces a more serious threat, a man named Eshu who killed Mari’s parents and is now after her (and the totem, of course).

The CW is devoting the entire night to Vixen: The Movie, enough time to show it in its entirety as well as run some previews for The CW’s upcoming season. Check it out tomorrow, the 30th of August starting at 8 PM.
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