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UK Solicitor Attempts "Homer Simpson" Defence

by on February 28, 2009

The Times Online reports that solicitor John Walker has attempted to mitigate the seriousness of his client Ricky Hodgkinson’s crime by invoking famed cartoon character Homer Simpson. Hodgkinson has pled guilty to violating the Firearms Act 1968 for possession of a Taser gun purchased in a pub for “self-defence” purposes. Unfortunately, Hodgkinson’s one and only use of the Taser was on himself, since the first thing he did with the Taser to use it on his own chest “to see how powerful it was.”

Walker described his client to the court by saying, “He is like the cartoon character Homer Simpson. It was a silly thing for him to do but he hasn’t used it on anyone but himself,” adding that “There have been scenes in The Simpsons when Homer has given himself electric shocks and leapt in the air screaming with his tongue hanging out. This was a bit like that.”

Whether Walker’s defence will succeed will be seen when Hodgkinson is sentenced next month.

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