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TZ @ SDCC: World Premiere of "Superman: Doomsday"

by on July 27, 2007

On Thursday, July 26th, DC Comics unveiled the first in their line of direct-to-video animated features, being launched under the auspices of Warner Premiere Productions. The film in question, shown to an audience of fans almost two months in advance of its street date – September 18th – was none other than the adaptation of DC’s incredibly famous storyline “The Death and Return of Superman”, titled Superman: Doomsday. The rest of this report, by the way, is entirely spoiler-free.

Paul Levitz, president of DC Comics, introduced the film; afterwards, Gregory Novak, the Senior VP of Creative Affairs at DC, headed a panel where the three directors Bruce Timm, Lauren Montgomery, and Brandon Vietti, the screenwriter Duane Capizzi, and the voice director Andrea Romano took the stage to answer questions. Additionally, Adam Baldwin (Superman) and James Marsters (Lex Luthor) filmed short hellos to the Comic-Con audience. Marsters jokingly commented that he would have been there in person if he’d been cast as the hero, instead of being the villain again.

There was an adamance amongst the artistic crew and the DC people to not necessarily confirm or deny any other existing DTV projects just yet, but they did respond cryptically to the fact that the next live-action Batman film The Dark Knight is due next year; additionally, Andrea Romano seemed to be hinting that there was always a possibility that the DCAU actors from Bruce Timm’s previous celebrated continuity could be seeing some more action. (It is entirely possible that she is referring to George Newbern and Clancy Brown returning to their DCAU roles in The Batman‘s fifth season.) As of now, that’s all the information we’ve been given.

However, they did also show a short trailer for the DTV due in Spring 2008, Justice League: The New Frontier, interspliced with short clips of interviews with DC top brass, Bruce Timm, and Darwyn Cooke. Having read the original comic, I can tell you that the artistic style practically looks like Cooke’s drawings brought to life. Start saving up now.

Stay tuned to Toon Zone News for complete coverage from San Diego Comic-Con 2007 throughout the weekend.

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