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TZ at SakuraCon: Geneon Announces DVD, CD Titles

by on April 12, 2005

Geneon outlined its plans for a number of upcoming DVD and CD releases at SakuraCon last week.

Notable upcoming DVD releases include Koi Kaze; Daphne in the Brillant Blue Vol. 2; Appleseed; Tenjho Tenge Vol. 1; Champloo Vol. 3, Gungrave Vol.6; Cybuster; and Takahashi Anthology Vol. 3. Geneon reps reaffirmed that the company holds the license for Gankutsuou and said it will give the title a North American release in October as The Count of Monte Cristo. It will get a Vol. 1-with-box release. Bang Zoom is doing the dub.

Like the original Jubei-Chan, Jubei-Chan 2 has been dubbed by Ocean Studios. Both Jubei-Chan 2 Vol. 1 and the Jubei-Chan 2 OST will be released in June.

At the con, Geneon reps passed around a finished version of the Tenjho Tenge box with included puzzle. They also showed off the film frame to be included with the Kyo Kara Maoh release and the Halo 2-style metal case for the Appleseed limited edition.

Company representatives said that Stellvia Tin and the ROD the TV book box did well and that Geneon is looking into doing similar releases. But they said that Daphne, Koi Kaze and Fighting Spirit sales have been lukewarm. The latter has been pitched to TV outlets and been turned down.

Geneon is also pitching Viewtiful Joe to broadcasters, and reps cautioned that any edits made to the series will be done at the request of the purchasing network. Geneon continues to hold the rights to toys, action figures, clothing, publishing and electronics for the series in addition to its DVD and TV rights.

Meanwhile, the company is aggressively pitching projects to various channels, but reps noted that Geneon does not hold the TV rights to all of its anime series.

Representatives said that the company was itself taken aback by CMX edits to Tenjho Tenge but said that there is nothing that Geneon can do to remedy the situation.

Notable original soundtrack (OST) releases on the company’s schedule include the Azumanga Daioh OST 4 vocal collection; Noir OST 1 and 2; Excel Saga OST 1; Tetsujin 28; Madlax OST 1; The Indigo: Best Album; Yoko Ishida: All Of Me (with bonus DVD); Stellvia: Character Song OST; and Angela: Angela I/O.

Among the CD releases, FLCL OST 3 will feature previously unreleased material; The Anime Karaoke Collection Vol.1 will feature non-vocal versions of songs from Stellvia, Eva, Noir, Mahormatic, Haibane and a number of other anime series. Maaya Sakamoto: Hodge Podge will feature the artist’s work from Record of Lodoss War and the Escaflowne TV series and movie. And the Fafner OST 1 will include the OP and ED that didn’t appear on the Japanese OST.

In conjunction with the release of Para Para MAX US MIX 1, the first Para Para music mix CD for US audiences, Geneon will be doing a huge Para Para promotion this spring and summer.

Geneon Japan will be announcing a title this week at MIPCON.

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