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TZ at Otakon: Central Park Media Announces "Kuromi 2," "Outlanders," & Discount DVDs

by on August 22, 2005

At Otakon, Central Park Media announced a number of new titles coming in 2006, including Animation Runner Kuromi 2, Outlanders, the fan-financed Munto 2, Vatoms complete collection boxset, and Otaku Unite, which includes photographs from conventions across America, including Otakon 2005.

Coming in 2005 are Kakurenbo: Hide & Seek Volume 1 in October at a price of $19.95, Hammerboy Volume 1 in September also for $19.95, Shadow Star Narutaru Volume 3 in September and Volume 4 in November again at $19.95, Patlabor OAV2 Boxset in October with a price of $29.95, and The Boy Who Wanted to be a Bear will have a price point of $19.95 for the Standard edition and $49.95 for the Collector’s Edition.

CPM will also be re-releasing many of their older titles for just $9.95 including Harlock Saga, Harmagedon, My My Mai, Angel Sanctuary, Animation Runner Kuromi, Photon, Wild Cardz, Labryrinth of Flames, Toshiden, and much more. Collector’s Edition boxsets of CPM series such as Geobreeders, Mecha Masters, and The World of Narue will be available in 2006 and will range from $39.95 to $59.95 in price.

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