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Twitch To Stream The Entire Power Rangers Series In One Long Marathon

by on March 10, 2017

Currently, the number of Power Rangers episodes stands at 831. Haim Saban’s Super Sentai adaption has been running uninterrupted for 23 seasons, and it equals about 17 days’ worth of material if it were to run in one long marathon without commercials. We know all this because Twitch is about to try it.

Twitch is a streaming site exclusively about gaming, and nothing else. When YOU stream Power Rangers on Twitch you get banned…so how come the site itself gets to break its own rule? Because there’s probably money being exchanged here. Saban has a Power Rangers movie coming out on the 24th; you can bet this is a promotional stunt. But if you like giant robots clashing against monsters to the background of a rock guitar soundtrack (and what American doesn’t), you’ll want to tune in at least once.

Twitch’s Power Rangers marathon stream begins on the Twitch Presents channel March 14th at 2 PM Eastern, 11 AM Pacific, and runs through March 30. It really is the entire run, starting with the 1993 original and ending with the most recent season, Power Rangers Dino Supercharge. Enjoy it responsibly, but don’t overdose.

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