Twin Saga Starter Pack Giveaway


The Twin Saga MMORPG takes you into a world in conflict. Marisa and Amaris, once kept the world in balanced harmony. Amaris to betrayed and attacked Marisa over disagreements about the worth of humanity. Amaris is victorious and poses a dire threat to the world if left unchecked. As the host chose for Marisa herself, your are tasked with traveling the world to recover her lost tears in order to restore her power and stop Amaris for good.

It’s up to you and your friends to fight for good and to prevent the ruin of the world. In the free-to-play anime MMORPG Twin Saga, a colorful world full of fantastical figures and creatures are about. Test your mettle in battles, go traveling with Marisa, and complete important quests in this anime world.

Twin Saga is F2P, but you can get ahead with a starter pack! Get your free key below!