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Transformers Prime – “Triangulation” Episode 39 Recap

by on May 14, 2012

Optimus is caught between Dreadwing and Starscream as he races for the second Relic.

Well, “Triangulation” was kind of boring, which tends to happen when we have to sit and watch two of the most sedated characters onscreen. It’s not a detriment to their personalities, but Optimus and Dreadwing aren’t particularly exciting characters and can’t really carry an episode together. The only one who injects any sort of life is Steve Blum’s always magnificent performance as Starscream. This episode doesn’t display anything noteworthy that we didn’t already know about him (he’s a compulsive liar who will side and betray anyone to ensure his survival, etc), but he’s a positively warm figure compared to the icy duo.

I’m glad he didn’t get the chance to refit his Transformation Cog; it’s much more interesting to see him struggle without flight.

It was at the last stretch when I realized something about Dreadwing that actually drew me in: he’s Starscream’s opposite, yet he’s in the best position to abandon the Decepticons (Given that he has Starscream’s old job, I don’t think the
compare and contrast between the two is mere coincidence). He falls somewhere between the backstabbing Starscream and the utterly loyal Soundwave. Dreadwing isn’t sneaky or underhanded; he’s extremely loyal to his cause. He also makes good on his promises, having spared the Autobots before through honorable means. When he’s being crafty (he has a nasty habit of leaving bombs on other Bots), that has more to do with pragmatism than anything else. Here Optimus asks him to join the Autobot cause, and I can’t help but think that the right words may eventually sway him in that direction. Dreadwing is reopening old wounds and undergoing the same inner turmoil he first demonstrated back in “Loose Cannons”. He’s devoted to Megatron, but even moreso to his brother. Optimus’ neutral attitude and lack of malice towards Skyquake is more than enough for Dreadwing to lay down his sword when he could have fought. Just who is he faithful to first: Megatron or his late brother?

Unfortunately, I feel this further supports the implication that he truly is Breakdown’s replacement. After all, he was the one who struggled with Decepticon ideals first before he was unceremoniously murdered.

In my previous recap for “Loose Cannons”, I was worried that Dreadwing’s conflict would be a dropped plot point – especially when that episode made it seem so final – but I’m relieved that his dilemma is far from over. It doesn’t save “Triangulation” since it came last minute, but it’s good to see there is still potential for a complex character in this show.


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