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Transformers Prime “Operation: Breakdown” Episode 16 Recap

by on January 10, 2012

“When MECH kidnaps Breakdown, it falls to the Autobots to rescue him.”

I wasn’t looking forward to this episode since it focused on both Breakdown and Silas, neither of whom are remotely interesting. Breakdown’s the Decepticon’s muscle, but he lacks the charisma of his partner Knockout. At best, he gets in a few one-liners before he starts smashing. Silas was a thoroughly wasted villain in his debut episode, coming off as generically evil with no hint of motivation or personality. While they’re largely static here, the ending of “Operation: Breakdown” hints at a smidge of something greater for both.

Breakdown doesn’t necessary get a large character boost. The minute he’s kidnapped by Silas’ team, MECH, he’s largely background, serving as the primary object that drives the other characters. Starscream wants to stage a rescue until Megatron vetoes him, while the Autobots agree to rescue Breakdown out of the kindness of their hearts. All except Bulkhead who, being Breakdown’s rival, is too prideful and resentful to bother. Despite the title, this is largely a Bulkhead episode. There’s good internal conflict as he ponders on the right path. Does he stick with his original plan and leave Breakdown to his fate or should he follow Miko and Optimus’ advice and release him not only to fight another day, but because he’s morally a good guy who wouldn’t let his own species suffer? Of course he chooses the latter. That in turn triggers Breakdown’s only notable clue of character progression when he realizes the Autobots would risk their lives to save him, not his fellow Decepticons. Suddenly he doubts his path. Maybe being a Decepticon isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Starscream’s ultimatum doesn’t help either: choose him or Megatron. This part made no sense, as Breakdown has never shown any sign that he was loyally conflicted between the two. The event did hint of a possible expansion to his personal journey, something he sorely needs.

Silas is the same boring baddie he was in “Convoy”. He has a reason for capturing Breakdown; he wants to study Cybertronian technology and utilize it for himself, but his motivation is still unclear. There is nothing deep about him, he’s still just evil for the sake of being evil. However, credit should go where it’s due; Silas is creepy. If they’re going to make him villainous, the writers might as well take full advantage. Silas has no qualm about letting his men cut Breakdown open, knowing full well that he’s a living and sentient creature. Equally disturbing is that the episode actually shows MECH at work sawing Breakdown open, leaving him awake and conscious during the process. They disregard the bot’s insults and struggles; he’s just a thing for
them to kill for their own benefit. It’s sickening. Transformers Prime visually delivers horror very well and this is one of the best examples of that. The kicker comes when he sends one of Breakdown’s eyes to the Autobots. It’s nightmarish in all the right way and reveals how despicable he is. Silas is a mediocre character, but he’s a terrific antagonist.

“Operation: Breakdown” is enjoyable if you ignore the lackluster story and character. Visually, it’s amazing. From the haunting deserted city to Breakdown’s onscreen torment, the episode is grade A nightmare fuel. It leaves you with a twisted feeling inside your stomach. I may not care for Breakdown, but even I felt sorry for him during his brief torment.

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